Our Customers

We ARE champions of frontline workers in manufacturing. Large or small, process or discrete, local or global Redzone’s technology transforms the way work gets done in over 850 plants globally and with 278k frontline workers. Join the community.​

Medium Enterprises

Privately held, multi-generational, family-owned small to medium businesses are the backbone of the economy. We love how these customers are driving innovation, growing fast, and keeping lean. They’re the hometown heroes, looking to drive a sense of community inside and outside the plant.

See how Gorilla Glue has transformed their shopfloor and culture!

Large Enterprises​

We understand the needs of a complex multi-site manufacturing plant network. Whether it’s a national or global enterprise, the need to produce more in less time and engage the 1000’s of team members on the frontline is imperative to competitiveness.

Operational excellence and continuous improvement are how you ‘do business’, but the challenge remains – how do you accelerate these initiatives, have them fully embraced and owned by those on the frontlines; and create a better employee experience?

Our community of large enterprise customers are leading the charge in the connected workforce space.

See how Post Consumer Brands has transformed their shopfloor and culture!​


The Redzone Community

We created the Redzone Community to provide its members with access to some of the brightest and best minds in manufacturing; all working hard to bring the best out of their teams and driving positive change in manufacturing.

We bring together a network of leaders from 850 plants, just like yours, providing you with the inspiration, motivation and real life examples to help you with your company’s own initiatives.

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Miracle Stories​

It may sound like hyperbole, but companies that use Redzone achieve absolutely amazing results!

Read the stories of the miracle workers on the frontlines that make it happen.

Read our Factory Miracles magazine