Stop Unplanned Stops!

We understand that managing the unforeseeable is hard. Stuff happens. But when operators, quality control, and maintenance work together, the negative impacts can be reduced and overall preventive care can lead to “well-oiled” machines and more predictable outcomes.

Significantly reduce unplanned downtime by engaging operators in maintaining their equipment to detect issues earlier and free up the Maintenance team to focus on preventative maintenance.

It’s better to prevent than fix

With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in a box, transfer equipment care to operators and remove the tension between production and maintenance – there’s even a “bat-phone” for when things do go wrong.

The Redzone Reliability module expands the Redzone Connected Workforce Solution into your Maintenance department to further extend the value of continuous productivity improvement.

By delivering maintenance specific tools to better manage regular maintenance work orders, the Maintenance team can spend more time on preventative maintenance (PM), but when combined with a new level of connection with production, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; with operators performing basic maintenance tasks.

The Redzone Reliability module expands your team’s reach by turning on operators’ sense of sight, sound, and smell to identify potential issues before they result in disruptive downtime. When the inevitable unplanned event occurs, instant communication minimizes its impact.

Production Reliability through Operator Equipment Care

Equipment care is no longer just a maintenance responsibility. With Redzone, factories transfer clean, inspect, and lubricate (CIL) tasks to operators – Ultimately, upskilling operators, freeing up maintenance techs, and preventing unplanned downtime. Digital centerlines ensure one right way to setup and operate the line.

Expand your maintenance resources by including operators on the team.

  • Free up your maintenance resources by leveraging
    operators for clean/inspect/lubricate and other minor
    maintenance activities
  • Reduce stoppages and unplanned downtime by
    enabling operators with greater ownership of the
    equipment they use and know
  • Catch potential downtime issues, before they happen,
  • by training operators on early defect detection
  • Tune operators’ sight, sound, and smell senses into
    early-warning sensors
  • Communicate potential issues to Maintenance in detail
    with videos to enable more single call repairs

Maintenance Collaboration ​

Remove the barrier between production and maintenance with equipment health reports. The health report allows production and maintenance to dig deeper on key reliability items including early defect detection (operator senses), service requests, breakdowns, CILs, and PMs. The interactions promote upskilling of production employees in the care of their equipment.

Breakdown Maintenance Calls

While prevention is key, the unplanned inevitably happens. Operators call technicians using ‘Uber for maintenance’ to ensure the right information gets to the right person immediately to minimize downtime. For the first time, plants know exactly when a line stopped, when help was requested, when help arrived, and when the line got back up and running.

Breakdowns happen. Reduce their impact.

  • Reduce lost productivity and frustration with instant
    connection to the Maintenance team
  • Respond more quickly to unavoidable downtime to
    minimize waste and lost production capacity
  • Monitor and evaluate event frequency to influence
    maintenance priority and scheduling


The Reliability module completes the connection between the team-of-teams of Production, Quality and Maintenance, to minimize unplanned disruptions and downtime on the shop floor. With everyone working from the same connected workforce solution, the collaboration of the entire Operations team is elevated, and more issues are identified and corrected earlier and proactively because everyone is focused on the same goals.

Typical Outcomes:

  • Sustained, doubledigit productivity improvements go right to your bottom line, increasing capacity or lowering costs.
  • Collaborative workforce engagement that dramatically reduces turnover because workers want to Win the Day.
  • Culture of on-going continuous improvement driven by shop floor ownership.

Predictable Outcomes

Implemented at over 1000 factories around the world, the impact on people, teams, and your business, is transformative. Your people learn by doing; so even the most techno-shy individuals will be experts in no time.

  • Teams focused on the vital few things that will move the needle
  • Quick wins for your frontline teams that drive a culture of improvement
  • Sustainable performance improvements that translate into significant cost savings
  • Visibility of individuals that demonstrate leadership for advancement consideration
  • Everyone working to the same goal and speaking the same language from the shop floor to the top floor

The culture has gone from, ‘there’s a maintenance group, there’s a production group and there’s a quality group’ to now we’re all basically one group and we’re all working together.
Ken Capponi Maintenance Manager
Thomas Foods
Redzone gets everybody on your team aligned for the future, so you stop talking about what’s happened in the past. A maintenance breakdown is a maintenance breakdown – that happens. But what do you do moving forward to prevent that breakdown? You call the play in Redzone!
Corey Arrick SVP Manufacturing
We have a lot more personal commitment to the equipment from a lot more people now.
Eric West Snr Dir. Engineering
What the Reliability module did for us is empower the operators to get directly involved to solve problems as they happened.
Valentino Lascano Plant Manager


Clean, Inspect, Lubricate
Clean, Inspect, Lubricate
  • Configurable checks clean, inspect, and lubricate (CIL) can be scheduled based on many different triggers such as beginning-of-shift, calendar day/time, 1,000 hours of runtime, and more.
  • Multi-media work instructions attached to the checks. Work orders can by automatically triggered off the result of a failed/warned CIL check.
  • Digitally access the optimal equipment setpoints based on the line or product that can be accessed, updated, or verified during production or at changeovers.
  • Files or videos linked to the check.
  • Deviations are automatically recorded and presented in huddles, daily production meetings and in-app historical reporting dashboards.
Defect Detection
Defect Detection
  • Identification of abnormal equipment conditions using a visual notification that automatically creates a work order request.
  • Pictures and videos can be attached for additional context. This can also be integrated with current CMMS.
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance checks that can be configured, triggered, and completed based on frequency, run/down time, or event.
  • Parts and labor consumption capability is embedded in the check.
Work Orders
Work Orders
  • One-stop shop to trigger, view, and manage work orders based on a specific location.
  • Backlog and calendar views will support maintenance planning & scheduling.
Maintenance Dashboard
Maintenance Dashboard
  • Equipment vital signs overview that allows you to manage by exception and prioritize where you need to spend time and resources.
  • Provides a high-level view of completed operator checks, PMs, and triggered work orders.
Breakdown Notifications
Breakdown Notification
  • Triggers the option to notify maintenance based on the type of line downtime that automatically creates a work order. 
  • Pictures and videos can also be attached for additional context. This can then be integrated with current CMMS.

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