Redzone Coaches Activate Your Frontline

We just don’t give you the technology; we’re with you on the plant floor — making sure your frontline teams learn, use and adopt Redzone so you can fully realize the positive business outcomes of our connected workforce solution.

Redzone coach with operator

To achieve transformational results from technology, behaviors need to shift.

The role of the Redzone coaching team is to initiate this change; creating new daily habits on the frontlines.

90 Day Programs

Change happens fast with Redzone. Each module has a short and painless implementation phase followed by a 90-day results-driven frontline coaching program. Adoption is fast, work becomes easier and the frontlines love the visibility and recognition.​

New Skills for the Frontline

People learn by doing so our approach focuses on watch 1 do 1 teach 1. Our coaches are on the shopfloor, hands-on and the new behaviors quickly become second nature and deliver uplifts that stick over the long haul.

Frontline Transformations

Your people can achieve extraordinary results in less time than they think.

Redzone brings out the best in your own people. Natural problem solvers find their voice and leaders emerge to drive the flywheel of improvement.

Redzone Coaches

Our coaches are hands-on practitioners recruited directly from the industry. They have experience in manufacturing leadership and have a demonstrated ability to lead change across large teams.

Hear From Our Coaches

Redzone allows frontline workers to have dignity and pride in what they do; it allows them to have fun at work. Conventional manufacturing have said that these things don’t work; but we’ve proven that it does work and you can see that in our results.
Mike Williams Coaching Director
To see a person who won’t even talk come into a Kaizen event and realize that they can actually make a difference, and then end up presenting that Kaizen output to the entire plant – that’s just huge for me to see that quiet person finally have a voice.
Mike Myers Operational Excellence Coach
I love working with the people on the plant floor and seeing their personal growth through Redzone.
Juarez Jackson Community Coach
I love seeing operator’s hesitance on day 1 and then on day 90 they go into a Town Hall and they’re celebrating their wins. They walk with a bit more pride and walk a bit taller. It’s great to see that progression.
Charlene Jaehne Coaching Director
Being able to see how we can take it to the next level and really impact the shop floor is what I love the most about my job.
Jonathan Garcia Operational Excellence Coach
When you can take a process and improve it and make operators lives better it’s a great feeling as a Coach.
Chris Carter Operational Excellence Coach
I love that moment when they realize they’ve fixed something that has been a problem for years within the plant. What a difference a small amount of time can make and the amount of money it can pay back.
Grant Ford Coaching Director

Watch Town Hall Events

We believe in recognizing and rewarding the frontline workers. Recognition promotes productivity, and productivity makes people want to make better every day. Our customers host a Town Hall after every 90 day program. Watch highlights of these amazing celebrations and see the impact they have on the the frontlines.

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