Redzone’s been culturally affirming. It’s been technology that has transformed how well we run. It’s transformed how well we communicate. It’s transformed mindsets. It’s really done something very fantastic.
Rob Sarlls President & CEO
Utz Foods
With just a simple thing like the chat feature in Redzone, all of a sudden people were communicating and things were getting addressed much quicker than we could have ever imagined. It’s a huge beneficial aspect of the technology.
Tucker Lawrence EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer
The operators and new hires love Redzone because it mimics the social media tools they’re used to in their home life, so the common retort is “This is cool!
Matt Parker Owner
Communication in Redzone is fast, it’s open, it’s transparent. We saw the moods of the operators change greatly. It wasn’t the come in, punch the clock and just run the line. I’m a firm believer that life has to have meaning and work has to have purpose.
Terry LeDoux VP Digital Manufacturing
Taylor Farms
What Redzone has really offered us is the ability to communicate at all levels, and really stay in touch with what’s going on, on the shop floor.
Tony Scotti President

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