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Enhancing Productivity, Engagement, and Growth by 12% Across 36 Manufacturing Plants






Food manufacturing titan Post Holdings Inc. (PHI) used Redzone to support 36 plants across five of its global subsidiaries: Post Consumer Brands, Michael Foods, Refrigerated Retail (Bob Evans), Weetabix, and 8th Ave Foods. The success experienced with their proof-of-concept assessment—a Michael Foods plant in Chaska, MN—was all that was needed for a group-wide decision to roll out Redzone throughout the company to boost productivity: automating manual processes and streamlining the manual continuous improvement efforts already underway.

Todd Erskine Packaging Specialist
Redzone gained momentum and changed behaviors very fast – collaboration happened across all the different sites. It brought people together across the Post Consumer Brands network

Post Holding’s Results

Before Redzone, Michael Foods, the Refrigerated Retail, and 8th Avenue Foods divisions of PHI were using whiteboards to track production data. PHI’s proof-of-concept assessment, a Michael Foods plant located in Chaska, MN, experienced a 33% increase in business volume and a 10,000-hour reduction in temp labor requirements when they shifted to Redzone—and the other divisions were quick to follow. Replacing their manual methods led to great results across the company.


Global Plants Across 5 Divisions Using Redzone


Overall Increase in Productivity


More volume in POC Plant

Across all plants, Redzone enabled PHI subsidiaries to achieve a productivity increase of 12%—a capacity increase that could not be matched with opening four new factories.

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