Raining Rose

Improving Equipment Effectiveness and 50% Reduction in Changeovers


General Manufacturing




Founded in 1996 out of a family kitchen, Raining Rose is a leader in the manufacturing of natural and organic body products, known for their utilization of only the highest quality ingredients. The company has since grown to have roughly 300 employees and two facilities, each over 100,000 square feet, and now manages over 120+ brands. Living by their core values, ASPIRE (Attitude, Safety, Passion, Integrity, Relationship, and Evolve), Raining Rose drives strengthened relationships with customers and employees.

Raining Rose’s Results

After meeting the Redzone team at Pack Expo in 2018, Raining Rose’s management knew it was the missing piece to their success. Since launching Redzone’s Productivity Module in August 2019 and later adding the Redzone Compliance and Learning modules, Raining Rose has experienced significant results, including:


Reduction in Changeovers


Production Increase in Units Per Hour


Reduction in Giveaway

Raining Rose has also seen a more seamless and efficient working relationship develop amongst frontline workers and supervisors. For example, daily shift meetings are now more productive and action oriented. And now that data is available at their fingertips and updated in real time, everyone is better able to stay up to date, even if their last shift was two days ago. Supervisors can now come into meetings, see what went wrong during last night’s production and make the changes to avoid further complications. At Redzone, we like to say “Don’t read the news, just call the play.” Raining Rose has integrated that approach into their own daily strategy, offering solutions and tangible next steps based on the data provided.

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