We play well with others

For those that want to connect, we make integration a breeze.

Simply giving our customers access to RESTful APIs isn’t enough.

We make consuming Redzone’s APIs simple with standard authentication, a command line interface and a Developer Hub.

All our work follows technical standards and leverages industry-leading technology. If you already have a digital strategy, we should fit right in.

Command Line Interface (CLI)​

At Redzone we understand that not everyone has the time or teams to develop software for API integrations​

Simplify use of Redzone’s RESTful APIs using our CLI. Simply install and call Redzone directly from your existing scripts and automation tooling running on Windows, Linux or MacOS devices. ​

Customer login

​Developer Hub

At Redzone, we understand that integration can be difficult. Our developer hub simplifies automation.​

With our Developer Hub you have interactive API documentation (OpenAPI), examples for common tasks, and copy-paste code examples. 

Redzone Authentication​

Powered by OAuth, control Redzone authentication and access seamlessly using your existing identity provider. ​

Enhance with role-based access control (RBAC) for full control of system access and privileges. We support identity providers such as Active Directory/LDAP, Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, OpenID Connect, Okta, and traditional SAML.​

Redzone analytics

Redzone Analytics​

Integrate Redzone directly into your data strategy for use in business intelligence or machine learning.

For reporting, simplify your data access using Snowflake connectors for Tableau, PowerBI, or Looker. With a wide array of available drivers, such as Python, Spark, Kafka, Go, .net, JDBC, ODBC, PHP or a SQL API, you have many choices for connection and querying your data.

Have a data lake? Redzone can integrate directly using Snowflake Data Sharing.

Our Solutions