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With increasing pressure from material shortages and deeper demands by customers for high quality product, and increasing safety concerns, reducing waste and adhering to regulations has never been more crucial for manufacturers and their frontline workers.

Frontline worker

Go paperless (save the trees!)

Dramatically reduce waste and giveaway by transforming your Quality Assurance program from reactive to proactive – resulting in improved food safety and quicker, more impactful audits.

Paperless Quality

Less hassle and less mistakes with plant-wide quality dashboards. Miss/fail/warn triggers and alerts means no check is ever overlooked. Bulletproof your data collection by capturing images of product and scanning barcodes for automatic pass/fail reducing waste and rework. Every quality record is at your fingertips, so audits and customer inquiries take minutes not days.​

Statistical Process Control (SPC)​

Reduce waste and variability by proactively adjusting the process when Redzone predicts out-of-control conditions and alerts frontline employees. Automatically calculate real-time deep statistical parameters like control limits, Cp, Cpk, and Cpp so you can ensure processes meet customer specifications. ​

Audits, Checklists, and Safety

Redzone plants inspect what they expect for safety and compliance. Conduct audits with weighted scoring to ensure adherence to personnel safety, food safety, and internal management systems. Infinitely configurable Redzone checklists allow plants to go paperless with safety inspections, housekeeping, pre-flight checks and every imaginable task.  ​

Reily Foods Company
For me, manufacturing is all about run better, throw away less. Redzone’s Productivity module is all about running better and Compliance drives the throw away less.
Mike Bearden VP of Operations
Taylor Farms
On the compliance side, I would say that it’s really made the transparency on how do we do our things a lot more visual. It’s allowed us to link everything that we do directly to how production is doing it.
Sofia Vega FSQA Manager
Ventura Foods
Having Redzone to bring up and show all of our quality checks makes us more confident in the data that we show the auditors.
Kathleen Millar QA Coordinator
Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
The huge improvement for me was how we were able to digitize our checks and processes to actually go to paperless.
Scott Ditzman QA Manager


Paperless Quality
Paperless Quality
  • Digital quality checks that are infinitely configurable and automatically linked to the location and product.
  • Data capture options include text, number, photo, bar code, QR code, and option lists.
  • Authentication methods are compliant for electronic record keeping 21 CFR Part 11 for pin, fingerprint, and facial recognition. Can link automatic reactions & alerts based on results to mistake proof corrective actions.
Automated Triggers

Automated Triggers
  • Configurable automated triggers that can be linked to compliance, production, or maintenance data sheet checks.
  • Enables various trigger point types based on shift/run uptime, downtime, run hours, units produced, problems, or breakdowns.
  • Statistical Process Control checks can be configured with an unlimited number of characteristics for any product.
  • Ability to establish control, spec, and reasonable limits that are displayed in an X Bar R chart with standard deviation color coding.
  • Complete visibility to your process capability and performance metrics.
Safety & Quality Audits
Safety & Quality Audits
  • Paperless safety and quality audits can be constructed for behavior-based safety or food safety requirements.
  • Allows for weighted scoring, previous finding completion; and link to follow-up actions. Reference PDF or pictures can also be attached.
  • Digital checklists that can be customized and triggered for production start-ups, changeovers, and other leader standard work. Reference PDF or pictures can also be attached.
Compliance Dashboard
  • Real time compliance overview that allows you to manage by exception based on color coded check results for pass, warn, fail, and miss.
  • Allows you to toggle dashboard view by shift or product run and drill down further into each check.

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