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Factory Miracles

Welcome to Factory Miracles — the digital magazine from Redzone that honors the frontline miracle workers in the Redzone Community! This magazine features stories of achievements and accomplishments from across the Community and around the world.

June Edition 2022

Dot’s Pretzels: The Transformation of a Family Owned Business

Dot’s Pretzels’ seasoning blend may be top secret, but when you step into any of their four facilities, shop floor employees aren’t keeping their Redzone productivity successes a secret. Behind each pretzel twist – whether it’s the honey mustard seasoned, southwest seasoned, or their original flavor – Dot’s has a wonderfully committed team who have recently transformed from a family-owned business into a Hershey-owned company.

Factory Miracles December Edition 2021
December Edition 2021

Redzone 2021 Awards Edition

The motto of lean manufacturing plus safe, efficient production is the name of the game for ‘Plant of the Year’ winners, Honeyville. Ogden and Rancho Cucamonga plants have worked together since their 2018 implementations and through all the Redzone modules to secure some massive improvements on all fronts. UPH performance at Ogden is up 230% to 3351 units and Rancho Cucamonga is up 108% to 1180. Ogden proudly has a 71% downtime reduction, with the Rancho facility touting a 50% reduction in downtime.

Factory Miracles July Edition 2021
July Edition 2021

Reily Foods: A Century of Culture Driving Productivity Into the Next

We think you’ll love the feature story in this issue highlighting Reily Foods Productivity Award and the rich history of how their culture has evolved and matured over their almost 120 years in business.

Factory Miracles April Edition 2021
April Edition 2021

Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow with Actionable Intel Today

In this issue we shine a spotlight on Ventura Foods’ Chambersburg, PA plant and highlight many of the factors involved in why they won the Redzone Team of the Year — East Award. Spoiler alert: their 20% productivity uplift in 90 days wasn’t the only reason!

Miracle Stories December Edition 2020
December Edition 2020

Redzone 2020 Awards Edition

Marianna Beauty, explained… being a manufacturer of hair care products for salons, three out of four of their revenue streams essentially disappeared overnight due to Covid-19. To remain a viable business, they had to pivot to a totally new category – hand sanitizers and soaps – one that the country desperately needed at that time. “We wouldn’t have been able to do that,” Mike Cate (CEO) explains, “luckily we had sound processes, systems and people that were really educated on what was going on. To me, Redzone is not a system, it’s an entire business process capability that if you embrace it, impacts every phase of your operations.”

Redzone Factory Miracles June 2022
November Edition 2020

A Case for Culture

Soft Gel Technologies builds an already strong culture into a challenge-busting powerhouse. Most Redzone customers will talk about the dramatic changes to their culture after starting on the Redzone journey, but what about those who already had a robust, team-oriented culture? For Soft Gel Technologies, winner of the Redzone 2019 West Coast Team of the Year Award, Redzone enhanced an already close-knit, collaborative culture and accelerated their maturity as a continuous improvement machine.

factory miracles sept 2020
September Edition 2020

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Slices at Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust

Read how cross-functional teams power beyond an already high baseline together. It is a common expression to describe how the coming together of individual pieces results in a better overall outcome and that is truly the case at Alive & Kickin’ (AK) Pizza Crust with three plants in Green Bay, WI and an additional plant in Prior Lake, MN.

Factory Miracles July 2020
July Edition 2020

All Hands on Deck at Marianna Beauty

Award winning plant on the frontlines of COVID, Marianna Beauty wins the day! For most companies, turning around a culture; aligning Production, Maintenance and Quality teams; and transforming the plant into an award-winning productivity juggernaut would take years. Marianna Beauty took just 12 months!