The Redzone Community

The largest community of its kind with over 850+ manufacturers striving for improved productivity and food safety.

Why join the Redzone community?

“One thing you’ll find about the Redzone Community is that it’s extremely collaborative and that was probably one of the unintended benefits that we found throughout this entire process. The people that are deploying Redzone are extremely collaborative and willing to share whats happening on their journey.”​

Todd Dutkin, CEO – Fresca Foods

We created the Redzone Community to provide its members with access to some of the brightest and best minds in manufacturing; all working hard to overcome the same operational and business challenges as each other.

There is nothing like ‘seeing it for yourself’ or ‘hearing it from the horse’s mouth’, so the Redzone Community provides the venues and forums for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices with your peers, both near and far.

Bringing together a network of leaders from 850+ plants just like yours, the Community provides the inspiration, motivation and real life examples that keep you pushing forward on your improvement journey, no matter what your starting point; as well as helping you avoid some of the big pitfalls along the way.

By facilitating relationships throughout the community, members frequently visit each other’s plants, attend their Kaizen events; even giving supervisors an opportunity to spend a week learning in another plant environment. We understand how valuable this exposure can be for mid-size companies that have often grown based on internal ‘tribal knowledge’.

Benefits of joining the Redzone Community

  • Access to 850+ other manufacturing plants and their owners
  • Visit other plants to see The Redzone Connected Workforce Solution in action
  • Round table discussions between members on issues concerning the mid-tier manufacturing industry and how they’ve overcome them
  • Participate in our Annual Redzone Community Awards. Encourages your team to pull together to win one of the coveted awards.
  • Access to Redzone experts and our on-going research

The Redzone Community Awards Dinner

Each year, in conjunction with Pack Expo, we host our annual Redzone Community Awards. An event that has now become the largest event of its kind for Food & Beverage manufacturing in North America. At this event we honor the achievements of our customers and their teams. With over 900 attendees, it’s a great opportunity to get together, see what everyone else is doing, celebrate your teams successes and have some fun!

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North American Community

Upcoming Events

Natural Products Expo West

Mar 9, 2022
Anaheim, CA

Come and meet us and some of the many food & beverage manufacturers we work with March 9-12

NCA State of the Industry Conference

Mar 13, 2022
Aventura, FL

Come and meet us and some of the many food & beverage manufacturers we work with March 13-15

Supply Side East

Apr 12, 2022
Secaucus, NJ

Come and meet us and some of our many food, beverage and CPG customers April 12-13