Make 5 days of production in 4

With an average of 20%+ increase in productivity, many of our customers can produce more in less time. Working double shifts and weekends are no more!


Managing in the dark?
Turn the lights on!

Everyone knows the score and competes to win the day. Enable frontline teams to adapt in the moment with a sense of urgency and bias for action.

Visual Factory

Everyone knows the score with eye-popping real-time dashboards built specifically for factory teams using data collected automatically from simple sensors, IIoT devices, or MES integration. This data is combined with context from your frontlines to make KPIs actionable: throughput, OEE, labor efficiency, downtime, scrap create a link from the shopfloor to the top floor.

Problem Solving

Create an army of frontline problem solvers.

  • Automatically generated top-loss Pareto charts help teams prioritize issues.
  • Digital fishbone diagrams and 5-why forms ensure root causes are identified.
  • The action item Kanban guarantees solutions don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Actions move seamlessly up and down the production workflow tracker through interlocking forums until completed.

Digital Kaizen

Intuitive in-app reporting tools and advanced analytics help identify systemic problems. The Redzone digital kaizen allows frontline teams to conduct root cause analysis using 5-why and fishbone diagrams; then, score solutions based on impact, cost, and ease. Teams implement high impact improvements and track results to close the loop and ensure sustainability.

Ventura Foods
Redzone is truly empowering not only our supervisors, but also our operators to get the performance they need on their lines. It’s turbo charged our process!
Pablo Cussatti SVP Manufacturing
Capstone Nutrition
From a productivity standpoint, we really saw Redzone aligning with performance. The team know the score at the end of the day and they know how they are performing at any given minute throughout the production floor.
James Hinkle Plant General Manager
The productivity module was the first module that we installed. Financially, it paid for the rest of the modules in the first 90 days.
Cory Jensen COO
Redzone has taken us places we didn’t think we’d be able to get to and we’re still constantly improving. We’ve utilized pretty much every tool that Redzone’s made available to us. It’s really helped us improve our customer base.
Marcus Merchant Director of IT


operator dashboard
Operator Dashboard
  • Provides a one stop shop for operators to see real time shift/run hourly OEE, production run progress, shift/run problems, and the cost impact.
  • Visual indicators for line down, slow running line, downtime problem allocations, and changeover countdown clock.
supervisor dashboard
Supervisor Dashboard
  • Real time visibility to site, area, and line OEE performance over the past rolling 7 days and 12 hours.
  • Enables supervisors to quickly recognize line status (up, slow, down).
  • Offers at-a -glance assessment of timely shift start-ups and first hour performance.
TV Display
TV Displays
  • TV views can be configured to display relevant screens for each area.
  • Leader and scoreboards unlock healthy competition and knowledge sharing between lines.
  • Company update slide allows leaders to share information across the site.
Action Management
Action Managment
  • Manage all activities in a list or board view that can be filtered down by subject, owner, due date, and priority.
  • Color coded icons for specific subjects and indicators for comments & linked items.
  • Activities can be viewed in the dashboard or designated forums.
digital fishbone
Digital Fishbone
  • Digital fishbone allows teams to classify root cause ideas using 6M methodology (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Maintenance, Environment).
  • Ability to link actions to each potential solution, vote, comment, and add attachments.
kaizen dashboard
Kaizen Dashboard
  • Digital repository for all current and past improvement projects and results generated. 
  • Provides visibility to lead, sponsor, savings, capacity, actions, and status.

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