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Prominent pet food manufacturer Nestlé Purina used Redzone to save time and costs during a sudden rise in pet ownership across the U.S. Instead of undertaking rapid expansion to meet the increased demand, Nestlé Purina was able to use Redzone to boost productivity, alleviate the day-to-day administrative burden on their employees, and avoid the major resources required to suddenly open a new plant.

Terry LeDoux VP Digital Manufacturing
Every 7th plant we launch Redzone in, we get a free plant’s worth of capacity!

Nestlé Purina’s Results

To get their productivity to where it needed to be to avoid opening a new plant, Nestlé Purina needed a minimum 5% decrease in their principal key performance indicator, estimated unplanned stoppages. The results after launching three plant proof-of-concept initiatives with Redzone were so extraordinary that, over the next six months, the company rolled out Redzone’s Connected Workforce Solution to the full suite of the remaining plants. Since that time, they’ve added a further three plants via acquisition and greenfield expansion.


Reduction in Unplanned Downtime


Plant Rollout


Capital Cost Avoidance

Nestlé Purina rolled out Redzone across 23 plants, achieving a reduction of almost 20% in estimated unplanned stoppages. The increase in productivity enabled the company to avoid a $1B capital investment which would otherwise have been necessary.

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