Benchmark reportĀ 

This report is the largest study of its kind for food & beverage and CPG manufacturing companies. Unlike typical benchmark reports, this study is not based on survey data or anecdotal evidence. The analysis is compiled from the data read directly from equipment and the respective databases of each plant that has deployed the Redzone production system. This anonymized analysis includes the records of:

  • 700 food & beverage and CPG plants
  • 348,754 frontline workers
  • 5,625 production lines
  • 10,450,944 production shifts
  • 41,803,776 production runs
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Transformational results in 90 days

Averaged results from 700 food, beverage & CPG plants who embarked on the 90 day Redzone program. Sophisticated global manufacturers can expect double-digit improvements. Smaller, less mature can enjoy >30% productivity improvements.

12% Point gain in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
22% Productivity improvement
$942k Annualized savings per plant
How much could you save?
Million Lbs (cases) per year
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Reduction in Labor Costs per year
Additional Throughput Million Lbs (cases) per year