Remarkably Powerful Results in just 90 Days

Tap into your hidden capacity, with proven productivity step change in 90 days. ‘Unlock’ that hidden line within your plant or the hidden factory across your plant network by engaging and retaining your frontline teams.

Productivity NOW

5 days production in 4 days. Proven in 850 plants worldwide, productivity step changes are a predictable and transformational outcome in just 90 days.

Based on actual anonymized production data, directly from the plant and equipment, the productivity benchmark report is the largest and most comprehensive study of plant productivity of its kind. The study includes:

  • Starting plant performance (OEE) benchmarks by industry
  • Resulting OEE uplift and productivity improvement
  • How results vary by continuous improvement (CI) maturity
  • How results vary by starting point
  • Estimated annual savings by plant size

Build frontline momentum to turn the productivity flywheel, enhance engagement and reduce turnover. This is digital transformation. For real.


Productivity Increase


Increase in Engagement


Reduction in Staff Turnover

* Average results across 700 plants

Twice the Frontline Engagement: Priceless

A spring in the step, a smile on the face and rowing together. An engaged frontline workforce is the difference between winning and losing. Win the battle for engagement and watch your staff turnover decline overnight.

In our Engagement Study, based on on-site assessments at 50 plants, discover how these plants authentically transformed the level of frontline engagement by tapping into the laws of human nature and the impact on plant productivity and staff turnover by focusing on these five areas of engagement:

  • Connecting teams and individuals
  • Ownership of performance
  • Autonomous problem solving
  • Enabling Cross team collaboration
  • Feeling competent and recognized

How much could you save?

Find out how much Redzone could save your plant by using our savings calculator below.

Factory volume (throughput) this year

For example in million lbs or cases

# Full-time direct production employees

including maintenance and material handling

% Overtime hours last year


Fully loaded labor rate

including benefits

Initial OEE

Average 60.6%

Expected uplift in 90 days

average 12%

Reduction in Labor Costs


per year

Additional Throughput


Million Lbs (cases) per year