Inspiring Stories from Manufacturing’s Game Changers

In the heart of every manufacturing facility lies a team of all stars — the frontline workers who drive progress, innovation, and transformation.
We celebrate these Faces of the Frontline: Manufacturing’s All Stars by sharing their inspiring stories of achievements and impact on their companies and the manufacturing industry.

Daniel “Danny” Cavazos
HP Hood

While delivering impactful cost savings, Danny’s efforts have also driven a bigger cultural shift around quality ownership among operators.

Michael “Mikey” Garcia
Claremont Foods

Mikey has earned his team’s respect because, in everything he does, he leads by example, modeling how to do the work and how to treat others.

Christian Terreforte-Rivera
Cloverdale Foods

Christian encourages his team to collaborate and innovate by embracing new ideas and continuously seeking better ways of working.

Shannon Bone
Companion Baking

Shannon’s relentless pursuit of excellence and strategic problem-solving abilities has helped create a culture of efficiency and environment responsibility.

Eucary Pineda
BetterBody Foods

Eucary has a passion for problem solving. Her natural drive to improve the world around her led her to be an early adopter of Redzone.

Brani Jacobo
Gorilla Glue

Over the last four years, Brani has demonstrated such enthusiasm, spirit, and leadership that he’s advanced to assistant supervisor on the second shift (nights).

Roy Barron
ASR Group

Roy has a reputation for dedication and innovation through 18 years of service at the plant, owned by American Sugar Refining, Inc., a member of ASR Group.

Digna Cedillo
Empire Bakery

When Digna stepped onto the factory floor at Empire Bakery, she brought with her an innate ability to face challenges with optimism and inspire others to do the same.

Dave Rios
Allied Wire & Cable

Dave’s enthusiasm has made a difference. Management estimates that almost three-fourths of the team members actively use new technology thanks to cheerleaders like Dave.

Jessica Hernandez
Dot’s Pretzels

Jessica’s unwavering perseverance and commitment to driving positive change throughout her organization led her to be chosen as our December Frontline MVP Spotlight.

Tales of Triumph from the Factory Floor, Vol. 1

Here at QAD Redzone, we believe in celebrating the “Faces of the Frontline” by sharing the stories of how these game changers are driving the manufacturing industry forward.