Units per Hour (UPH) performance up 230% at the Ogden plant and 108% at Rancho Cucamonga






Grain manufacturer and wholesaler Honeyville won the Redzone 2021 Plant of the Year (POY) award, with the accolades shared between its Ogden and Rancho Cucamonga plants. Following a 2018 Redzone implementation, the plants worked together through every Redzone module and realized impressive improvements across operations. These improvements included reduced shifts and higher productivity. Honeyville received Redzone’s 2021 PoY for its overall productivity, business results, team and skill development, and exemplary employee experience.

Nate Hyde COO
Redzone has helped us all come together as one unit! It’s changed our culture by creating a better understanding between Quality, Maintenance, Production, and Warehouse.

Honeyville’s Results

Implementing Redzone dramatically improved downtime, changeovers, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at Honeyville and created a positive effect on its frontline employees. Using Redzone to cross-train workers and allow employees to utilize their best skill sets improved the Rancho plant from operating three shifts six days per week to producing higher volume in two shifts over five days. The Ogden and Rancho plants took a baseline 30% OEE performance to 80% OEE.

In addition, Honeyville observed that Odgen’s UPH performance went up 230% with a 71% reduction in downtime, Rancho Cucamonga’s UPH performance increased by 108% and its downtime was reduced by 50%.

Redzone’s Compliance module reduced costly holds to zero at both plants, and feedback on weights led to an annual savings of $350,000 on one Honeyville SKU alone.


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Downtime Reduction

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