More production.
More engagement.
More retention.

Happier frontline employees, safely producing more quality product than ever before with predictable performance, hassle-free audits and a culture of winning.

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Where do we fit?

Our connected workforce management solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

For the first time ever, members of production, maintenance, and quality teams are connected, collaborating, and winning towards a common goal.

Our Customers

Ventura Foods
Post Holdings
Utz Foods
Raining Rose
Palmer Candy

How it Works

Using real-time, social mobile communication, Redzone software connects and unifies team members across departments to create ‘one team’ working with purpose.

Our Solutions

Frontline Workforce Collaboration​

Give your frontlines a voice. You’ll like what you hear.​

With dedicated digital identities, your teams harness endless ways to solve problems using chats, video calls, @mentions and more.​


Make five days of production in four.

Managing “in the dark”? Turn the lights on! With Redzone, everyone knows the score and competes to win the day. Enable frontline teams to adapt in the moment with a sense of urgency and bias for action.​​


Make it right the first time — every time.

Go paperless (save the trees!). Reduce waste by transferring quality ownership to the people making the product. Welcome auditors with open arms!​


Stop unplanned stops!​

It’s better to prevent than fix. With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in a box, you can transfer equipment care to operators and remove the tension between production and maintenance. There’s even a “bat-phone” for when things go wrong.


Give employees a chance to grow and they’ll put down roots.

A better frontline employee experience. New employees feel part of the team on day-one, ramp up faster, and have career progression. Be your town’s destination employer!

Redzone Drives Real ESG Outcomes for Customers


  • Producing 5 days product in 4 days reduces carbon footprint by as much as 20%
  • A typical plant removes between 50k – 200k sheets of paper a year — that’s saving between 5 and 15 trees per plant!
  • Reducing yield loss and packaging waste preserves resources and reduces landfill


  • Enhanced labor productivity, allows increased pay for frontline teams without impacting margins
  • Increased visibility of frontline performance, enables recognition, careers and economic progression
  • Strong manufacturing communities create strong local communities. New unit economics for manufacturers create enhanced economic opportunity.


  • Behavioral Based Safety audits create a safe environment for workers
  • Proactive quality assurance and layered audit process add rigor to standard work
  • Audits and check lists are digitized to ensure compliance to government and customer protocols