Unlock the Power of your Frontline Teams.
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Redzone is the #1 Connected Workforce Solution for manufacturers big and small.

What is Redzone?

Empower the Frontline. Grow the Bottom Line.

Connect and unify production, quality and maintenance to create ‘one team’ working with purpose to win the day, everyday.

Surprisingly simple for the frontlines to adopt. Amazingly fast to deploy. Remarkably powerful results.

Our Customers

Ventura Foods
Post Holdings
Utz Foods
Raining Rose
Palmer Candy

Jaw Dropping Results in Just 90 Days.

We cracked the code. Productivity now (more product out the door) and a better employee experience (more people sticking around) – the ultimate win-win.

Build frontline momentum to turn the productivity flywheel, enhance engagement and reduce turnover. This is digital transformation. For real.


Productivity Increase


Increase in Engagement


Reduction in Staff Turnover

* Average over 1,000 plants

Transform your Factory Teams to Win Every Day

Redzone enables you to stop analyzing yesterday and start solving today’s problems now! For the first time ever, production, maintenance, and quality are following the same play book.

An enterprise grade mobile 1st SaaS platform that is the perfect fit for manufacturers; whether a single plant or global plant network.


Make leaps in productivity — get more product out the door in just 90 days.

Frontline Productivity


Digitize the entire quality process, breeze through audits and reduce scrap, waste and rework.

Frontline Compliance


Eliminate unplanned downtime by making everyone responsible for equipment care.

Frontline Reliability


Retain more team members — onboard better, upskill faster and offer a viable career path.

Frontline Learning
Frontline Collaboration

Frontline Collaboration

Production, maintenance and quality teams connect and collaborate with purpose.

Frontline Collaboration

How Redzone can help you

Why owners & executives rely on Redzone

We have seen real financial gains — 40% more volume with the same or fewer people. We thought we were lacking talent but now have a full pipeline of emerging leaders.
Mike Cate CEO, Marianna Beauty

Why operations teams love Redzone

Todd Erskine
Redzone gained momentum and changed behaviors very fast — collaboration happened across all the different sites. It brought people together across the Post Consumer Brands network.
Todd Erskine Post Consumer Brands

Why quality teams depend on Redzone

Kari Pearson
Redzone has made our lives easier with visibility at all times. We immediately saw a decrease in complaints and an increase in our food safety. Our plant was 100% paperless in 28 days.
Kari Pierson Dir. Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Honeyville, Inc

Why maintenance teams count on Redzone

Jim Foley
The Reliability Module was the missing piece of the puzzle in a fully integrated manufacturing operations system. It led to an additional 13% productivity uplift, which allowed us to take on all this new business.
Jim Foley VP Operations, Olde Thompson

Why HR teams trust Redzone

Valentino Lascano
The reduction in turnover was amazing. We used to have an unfavorable turnover of nearly 80% and now that churn is gone.
Valentino Lascano Plant Manager, Soft Gel Technologies Inc.

The #1 Connected Workforce Solution for Manufacturers on the Planet









Our Mission

Redzone champions frontline teams to work with purpose and win the day, every day.

Working with Purpose

Everyone wants to make a difference. With Redzone software, frontline teams access their full potential, elevating the frontline with new technology and skills to achieve company goals.

Champions of the Frontline

At Redzone, everything starts with the frontline. With the shop floor connected, engaged and empowered – winning today inspires teams to win tomorrow.

The Redzone Community

Today, hundreds of thousands of frontline workers are valued, celebrated, and working with purpose; creating stronger communities inside and outside the plant.