Palmer Candy

Sparking Growth in a 143-year-old Business


Snacks & Confectionery




Palmer Candy, a family-owned supplier of mixed candies and branded chocolates, used Redzone to achieve a much-needed productivity uplift within just 90 days. They had been plagued by the inefficiencies and waste that come with a highly seasonal industry, and—after limited success with repeated attempts to introduce continuous improvement initiatives on their own—Palmer Candy looked to Redzone to turn the situation around so they could grow the family business. 

Marty Palmer CEO
We easily paid for our entire Redzone investment within the first 4-5 months.

Palmer Candy’s Results

Redzone helped Palmer Candy achieve a 44% increase in productivity in just 90 days—enabling the company to take on more business without raising their employee count and acting as a catalyst for the growth of the entire business. They experienced a 25% increase in overall business volumes, which drove both top-line and bottom-line growth and had a significant smoothing effect on business seasonality. 


Productivity Increase Over 90 Days


Increase in Employee Engagement


Annual Cost Savings

In addition to these lucrative steppingstones towards expansion, Palmer Candy experienced a colossal 207% increase in employee engagement, with notable improvements across five core components: ownership of performance, autonomous problem solving, frontline collaboration, communication, and feeling competent and recognized. 

As early adopters of Redzone’s follow-on modules, Palmer Candy has been on a continuous journey with Redzone as both companies continue to grow together. In fact, Palmer Candy’s CEO, Marty Palmer, is the longest standing member of Redzone’s Community Think Tank.

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