A Game-changer for Every Factory

In a world where data was once the domain of a select few, Redzone Analytics empowers everyone in the factory to access and utilize valuable insights. This world-class analytics solution addresses reporting and visibility at every level of your organization. Offering pre-built reports tailored to each module ensures that you have the information you need at your fingertips – on any device! Once again, we’re setting the industry standard for manufacturing!

It’s time to empower your entire team to make data-driven decisions and drive your factory’s success

This is just the beginning. Our solution is designed to evolve and scale with your needs as your organization grows and expands.

Custom Reporting​

  • CI or site leaders can build and develop custom reports
  • Redzone support & training
  • Pre-populated templates
  • Report Builder licenses included

Web Dashboards

  • Everyone has fast easy access to reports
  • Unlimited users
  • A variety of canned reports
  • All browsers supported

Data Integration​

  • Easy integration for data-laking
  • Multi-site data views
  • Faster queries
When you’re considering QAD Redzone, don’t just look at the productivity gains you can achieve with the solution. Look at how your employees are now communicating with each other, across business functions and about business challenges. Employees thrive when they’re given the tools to be successful every day
Meg Post CEO, Haviland
Once you introduce your workforce to Redzone, nobody wants to go back. All the information they need is right there at their fingertips.
Kyle Hach COO, Raining Rose

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