Marianna Beauty

Transforming Employee Experience through Productivity, Engagement, and Retention






Hair care and beauty product manufacturer Marianna Beauty slashed employee turnover by almost 100% within 90 days of turning to Redzone to resolve their retention and productivity challenges. Previously, turnover had reached 400%, thanks partly to the ruthlessly competitive local labor market in Omaha, Nebraska, where the company is based, and also due to a lack of company focus on employee experience, frontline engagement, and associated technologies. 

Cory Jensen COO
Our turnover was 400% and today it’s essentially zero

Marianna Beauty’s Results

In the 90 days following the release of the Redzone Productivity and Compliance modules, Marianna Beauty saw a 50% increase in productivity in just 90 days. The company attributes fully 10% of the uplift to the deployment of the Compliance module throughout the factory—which was paperless within just 73 days. A further boost came from deploying Redzone’s maintenance module, Reliability, which significantly reduced downtime.


Annual Savings


Decrease in Employee Turnover


Increase in Profitability

By investing in engagement, retention and productivity, Marianna Beauty reduced employee churn from 400% to 50%. At the same time, and without increasing labor headcount, a 50% uplift in productivity enabled the company to almost double output as compared with the previous two years. The result was a 56% increase in profitability and savings of $1.1M.

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