Give Employees a Chance to Grow and They Will Put Down Roots.

Workers today want more than a job — they want to see that their efforts help advance them in their careers. With transparency of skills required to progress within a manufacturing organization, frontline workers are empowered to direct their progression on the shop floor and beyond.


A better frontline employee experience

New employees feel part of the team on day-one, ramp up faster, and have career progression. Be your town’s destination employer!


Day one in a plant can feel daunting. With Redzone, new employees feel part of the team with plant-wide welcome screens and a digital buddy system. Leader welcome videos, learning packs, and knowledge verifications ensure new employees ramp-up fast, feel competent, and decide to stay.

Standards and Plays​

Goodbye outdated SOPs in three-ring binders… Hello YouTube for the factory! Nobody reads manuals at home and they don’t want to do it at work. With Redzone, teams control their own production process development.

  • Standards allow experts to create multimedia work instructions with configurable approval processes.
  • Plays enable everyone in the plant to contribute their local knowledge with short videos that are automatically transcribed and translated in the viewer’s native language.

Don’t make the frontlines search for the answers… have the answers find them!

Upskilling, Learning and Development

Real-time digital skills matrix, learning packs, and mentors-on-demand allow frontlines to acquire new skills. As this takes hold, your teams become cross-trained and multi-skilled creating a learning organization. The real-time skills matrix allows leads and supervisors to optimize flexibility to meet production needs.

Redzone allows the frontlines to own their progression turning jobs-for-now into careers-for-life.

The reduction in staff turnover from 80% down to 50% is a saving of almost $500,000 a year for us.
Josh Allen Owner
California Natural Products
We’re getting more consistency and output with the Learning module as everyone from temp to permanent staff goes through the same training process
Doug Strach Dir. Aseptic Operations
The Learning module provided us that opportunity to standardize training across the board.
Valentino Lascano Plant Manager


Work Instructions
Work Instructions
  • Step by step, multi-media work instructions are organized by line or product at the point of use. 
  • These can be viewed in the line ‘Playbook’ or embedded into quality or equipment checks as the ‘how to’ reference.
  • Includes a full approval and release revision history.
  • Operators have ability to create equipment troubleshooting videos to share with their peers. 
  • Can be linked to specific types of downtime and generate a push notification to prompt view of the content.
  • No need to search for content; the content finds you.
Skills Matrix
Skills Matrix
  • At a glance visibility to know who on your team is trained to do what, tracks users, skills, and skill level progression.
  • Visual indicator to warn when user is close to expiration or expired on a skill. 
QR Access Code
QR Access Code
  • Walk up to any piece of equipment, scan the system-generated QR code and it will filter the location ‘Playbook’ to those specifically linked standards and plays.
On-Demand Learning
On Demand Learning
  • Customized onboarding and development plan that is directly linked to an individual’s profile. 
  • Allows users to access internal or externally linked training, quizzes, and learning verifications.
  • In-app function to generate transcription on videos and adjust the closed caption based on desired language at the click of a button.

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