Miracle Stories

Women in Manufacturing Special Edition

March Edition 2024

Welcome QAD Redzone Community Members

Welcome to a very special issue of Factory Miracles, celebrating the accomplishments of women in manufacturing across the QAD Redzone Community.

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role women play in all aspects of society, all around the world. What better way to recognize the accomplishments of women in manufacturing than dedicating the March issue of the Factory Miracles magazine to them and highlighting some incredible women and their stories.

At QAD Redzone, we operate in a variety of fields that are historically under-represented by women. These include manufacturing, computer science and engineering to name a few.

Building upon our experience as the #1 Connected Workforce Solution, we recognized the need to connect within QAD Redzone, and formed our own women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) called WISE (Women Inspiring Success & Empowerment).

Establishing WISE was a crucial step in QAD Redzone’s internal journey to foster inclusivity and work to prevent gender biases. By providing a dedicated space for women to connect, share experiences, and support each other, the ERG becomes a catalyst for empowerment and professional growth. The interactions have been positive, fun and have created an environment for open dialogue with each other.

Looking externally, WISE is now helping impact the communities we serve, co-hosting ‘Bus to Business’ events with QAD Redzone Community members where we are bringing high school students into factories to learn more about the world of manufacturing and STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with the goal of inspiring the next generation of manufacturing leaders.

During my time at QAD Redzone, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of our customers and was excited and encouraged when meeting with other women leaders and sharing our collective experiences with each other.

There are so many great stories of women stepping to the forefront in the QAD Redzone Community that they can’t all fit into this edition. But it is wonderful for me to see so many examples of the incredible work being done to recognize, uplift, and celebrate women in manufacturing, around the community, and around the world.

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