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2023 Community Awards Edition

October Edition 2023

Taffy Town

In 2021, Taffy Town, a Utah-based confectionery company, experienced a pandemic-related sales boom. However, its production processes couldn’t keep pace with growth as lead times started to double, then triple, and even quadruple, past their historical norms.

Taffy Town leaders deployed QAD Redzone in October 2021, unwilling to miss out on growing business demand, and their gains included:

– Reducing excessive lead times: The Taffy Town team reduced lead times from ten to three weeks over nine months. As a result, the production team drove production output by 33% and achieved an OEE uplift of 48%. In addition, the company was able to reduce overtime to 0%, saving $360K.

– Improving employee retention: With greater production predictability, Taffy Town has been able to offer a popular four-day workweek. The company has also revamped its onboarding process and promotes employees who are expert communicators and problem-solvers. As a result of business growth and employee-friendly processes, Taffy Town has hired an additional 20% staff and reduced staff turnover by 13%.

– Streamlining maintenance: The maintenance team led Taffy Town’s adoption of QAD Redzone and has completed 775 total activities. Closeout time has decreased from an average of 16 down to two days.

QAD Redzone has also helped Taffy Town improve employee engagement. “As soon as we turned on QAD Redzone, comments started pouring in from employees we would never hear from before,” says Jason Glade, President. “Real-time communication and daily huddles have brought our teams together in remarkable ways.” 

Our team has had record-setting months, one right after another. In addition to driving sales, we’re winning customer kudos! says Joe Adams, CFO. We recently received a ‘A’ rating from one of our larger customers based on a 99.92% service level for never-out SKUs.

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