Miracle Stories

Redzone 2022 Awards Edition

December Edition 2022

Vytalogy Wellness

Vytalogy Wellness used its recent acquisition to springboard a true production transformation! This Santa Fe Springs, California-based manufacturer of vitamins and supplements began using Redzone in 2021 to build a solid foundation of operational excellence.  

The company rolled out Redzone Productivity, Compliance, Reliability, and Learning modules in just 16 months and have achieved some stunning results.

Gabriella Ortega has added new standard work for comments in product runs. Her feedback has enabled engineering to increase daily production to new levels, delivering millions of savings back to the company. 

The maintenance department has gone paperless, processing thousands of work orders more easily and reducing downtime. By focusing on strengthening machine guards and improving operator safety, maintenance has reduced the company’s incident rate from
3.82 to 0!

Redzone Learning pathways for technical and managerial roles are engaging employees and making them happier. As a result, employee turnover is down. 

In addition, Redzone has helped Vytalogy Wellness improve its scheduling and output, enabling staff to enjoy more time off. Shift schedules have moved from six days a week, 10 hours a day to five days a week, eight hours a day. Vytalogy Wellness is also able to avoid high overtime costs.

Our CEO said our site’s performance has gone from a C- to an A in just one year! says Justin Smith, Site General Manager

Vytalogy Wellness: Success by the Numbers

•  63% increase in productivity, due to new processes with Redzone. 

•  55,000 checks performed by a single staff member, Maria, 10% of the total.

•  100% paperless processes for maintenance, decreasing rework by 90%.

•  31% reduction in employee turnover, thanks to Redzone Learning. 

•  $3M in new savings by driving daily production from 1,000 to 1,800 units, thanks to Gabriella’s input.

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