Artificial intelligence

Support the Frontlines with Pragmatic Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will never replace the ingenuity, effort and problem solving skills of the frontline employees in manufacturing. However, AI does make jobs easier so there is more time to improve safety, quality, and productivity! Redzone uses AI and machine learning (ML) to analyze vast amounts of data to translate chats, transcribe/translate work instructions, monitor application performance, and improve support responses.

AI’s role in connected worker solutions is not to replace the knowledge and intellect of the frontlines but to support faster and easier frontline decision-making.

Automatic transcription and translation using AI

Many factories have four or more languages spoken by their frontline teams making it impossible to have content that is understood by all. This can lead to safety, quality, and productivity issues. Redzone uses AI to automatically transcribe and translate videos and text-based work instructions, troubleshooting guides, and frontline-created multimedia content.

AI for real-time chat translation

Factories use Redzone’s real-time chats, huddles, channels, feeds, and notifications to win the shift by solving today’s problems now. But most factories have language barriers. Real-time translations using AI make it so team members can work together to solve problems fast even if they don’t speak the same language.

Application support using human experts and artificial intelligence

Ask our support team anything at any time and get an immediate response by a person supported by ML and AI trained on our entire knowledge base and Redzone University content.

Another totally unexpected benefit: the ability to communicate in two languages by having the text translated. That has encouraged people to do much more speaking than they were comfortable with before. Even leading huddles.
Eric Johnson VP & General Manager, Empire Bakery Commissary

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