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Food Manufacturing Frontline Workforce Management Software

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Why QAD Redzone?

At QAD Redzone, we understand the challenges of the food manufacturing industry and have developed software solutions to help you overcome them. With a focus on sustainable productivity improvements, our innovative food manufacturing production software enables you to increase revenue and margins without adding people or equipment. 

From yield and batch tracking to material utilization to supply chain optimization, our solutions are intended to help you achieve optimal efficiency.

Our food manufacturing software also helps to reduce worker turnover by promoting an empowered frontline workforce equipped with the tools they need to thrive, no matter what role they play in the production process. 

Furthermore, we know how important it is to create and maintain a lean manufacturing culture. That’s why our food management system promotes ongoing improvement driven by shop floor ownership. Our approach to waste reduction, yield improvement and reducing material on holds and defects sustains a workplace culture that prioritizes continued improvement and, as a result, boosts productivity and profitability.

Benefits for Food Manufacturers

QAD Redzone’s food manufacturing software offers manufacturers numerous benefits, such as:

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Boost competitiveness by increasing productivity within 90 days with QAD Redzone’s software, which helps you overcome tight margins and become the lowest-cost producer.


Keep volumes high on long production lines by implementing operator care across your facility and thereby improving equipment reliability.


Reduce spoilage risks for environmentally sensitive materials by significantly shortening changeover and planned downtime.

Action Management

Eliminate productivity-draining issues with QAD Redzone’s action management and kaizen events, making your team more action-oriented.


Reduce waste and giveaway for baked goods by managing expensive raw materials more easily with QAD Redzone’s statistical process control (SPC) and out-of-the-box analytics.


Improve food safety and compliance with quicker, more impactful audits by digitizing paper-based processes with QAD Redzone’s software.


Reduce IT burden and environmental risks with QAD Redzone’s secure cloud technology and off-the-shelf automation solutions for food manufacturers.

Food Manufacturers in the QAD Redzone Community

Food Manufacturing OEE Improvement

Optimizing production processes is critical in the competitive and ever-changing world of food manufacturing, and one proactive way to achieve this is by improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

QAD Redzone’s workforce software enables you to track OEE in real-time, identifying areas for improvement and thereby increasing productivity. We provide data on productivity per hour and units per labor hour, allowing you to optimize workforce performance for enhanced engagement and profitability. Our food manufacturing software solutions also optimize production processes by reducing material on holds and minimizing waste. By improving availability, performance and quality, we can improve OEE and, ultimately, your bottom line. To assess the effectiveness of the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution and our CPG software, we conduct a benchmark study against the QAD Redzone 90-Day productivity program every other year. The analysis compares baseline OEE to the resulting OEE uplift after 90 days and presents the resulting productivity improvement.

All QAD Redzone community members demonstrate OEE uplifts in 90 days. Sophisticated, global manufacturers can expect double-digit increases while smaller, less mature plants enjoy >30% OEE uplifts. The average 12% OEE uplift with an associated 22% productivity improvement across the entire sample means that users can enjoy additional capacity without adding resources or reduce costs without increasing output.

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Food Manufacturing Software Integrations

We understand that food manufacturing is a complex industry that requires many different software solutions to manage the various aspects of the production process. We offer software integrations with a variety of systems, including:

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Designed to manage maintenance activities and schedules for equipment and facilities. Optimize maintenance activities and minimize downtime by using real-time data on equipment performance and maintenance needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Designed to manage business processes and data across multiple departments and functions. Make data-driven decisions that optimize your operations by using real-time data on production output, inventory levels and supply chain optimization.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Designed to manage and monitor production processes. Streamline production processes and minimize waste using real-time data on yield tracking, batch tracking and material utilization improvements.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Designed to manage and monitor quality control processes. Improve quality control and more easily meet regulatory requirements using real-time data on quality metrics, including defective product rates and customer complaints.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Designed to monitor and control production processes to ensure consistency and quality. Minimize waste and optimize production using real-time data on production metrics, such as yield improvement and units per labor hour.

By integrating our food management software solutions within these systems, we enable you to streamline operations, reducing waste and downtime, which help to lower costs and increase revenue.

Food Manufacturing Specific Industries

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