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Dairy Frontline Workforce Management Software

Why QAD Redzone?

Achieve sustainable, double-digit productivity improvements in your operations with the help of our industry-leading dairy manufacturing software. Our solutions are designed to optimize your operations and streamline your dairy supply chain, resulting in greater efficiencies and profitability.

Reduce worker turnover in your dairy manufacturing team by transforming them into a more engaged and collaborative group. Our dairy management software can energize your frontline workforce by providing real-time data and insights that allow for more informed decision-making. 

Create a lean manufacturing culture in your operations with our continuous improvement approach. QAD Redzone’s software solutions are designed to help you identify areas for improvement and to implement changes that optimize your processes and reduce waste. Take control of your manufacturing operations and achieve sustainable success with our dairy management software.

Dairy Manufacturers in the QAD Redzone Community

Benefits for Dairy Manufacturers


Boost your competitive standing by significantly increasing productivity in just 90 days, enabling you to overcome tight margins and become the lowest-cost producer.


Improve equipment reliability and keep volumes on your long lines high by activating operator care across your facility.


Dramatically shorten changeovers and other planned downtime to reduce spoilage risks for materials that are sensitive to environmental inconsistencies.

Action Management

Become more action-oriented with action management and kaizen events to eliminate annoying issues that continuously drain your productivity.


Trace raw materials and the flow of product throughout your facility to ensure quality and improve allergen segregation and management.


More easily manage expensive raw materials with statistical process control (SPC) and out-of-the-box analytics to reduce waste and giveaway for baked goods.


Improve food safety and compliance by digitizing paper-based processes for quicker, more impactful audits.


Comply with changing food safety regulations and packaging requirements by digitizing paper-based processes for quicker, more impactful audits.


Minimize IT burden and environmental risks with secure cloud technology and off-the-shelf automation.


Ensure the highest quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process with plant-wide quality dashboards and detailed digital records.

Dairy OEE Improvement

To assess the effectiveness of the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution, we conduct a benchmark study against our 90-Day productivity program every other year. The analysis compares the baseline overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to the resulting OEE uplift after 90 days, using our dairy management software.

All QAD Redzone community members have reported OEE uplifts within 90 days of using our dairy OEE software. Large, sophisticated manufacturers can expect double-digit increases, while smaller, less mature plants enjoy more than 30% OEE uplifts.

With an average 12% OEE uplift and an associated 22% productivity improvement across the entire sample, our dairy manufacturing software enables users to enjoy additional capacity without adding resources and can reduce costs without increasing output.

Perhaps the most impactful — but immeasurable — outcome has been the cultural phenomenon that resulted from improved communication across the plants considered in this study.

Dairy Benchmark

Below is a data extract of the results achieved by dairy manufacturers:


Average OEE baseline


90-day OEE uplift


90-day productivity improvements

Coil Specialist, Inc.

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T.H.E.M. Logo


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Dairy Manufacturing Software Integrations

We understand that dairy manufacturing is a complex industry that requires many different software solutions to manage the various aspects of the production process. Our dairy management software solution features integrations with various systems, including:

By integrating our dairy management software solutions within these systems, we enable you to streamline operations, reducing waste and downtime, which helps to lower costs and increase revenue. 


Discover how plants can authentically transform their frontline engagement using our ingredients management software.