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QAD Redzone Launches Faces of the Frontline Program to Celebrate All Stars in Manufacturing

Initiative recognizes manufacturing employees who drive improvement, innovation and transformation

MIAMI (May 8, 2024)QAD Redzone, the leading connected workforce technology solution, launched an initiative that recognizes frontline manufacturing workers, called Faces of the Frontline. This program aims to shine a spotlight on the dedicated frontline workers whose contributions are often overlooked but essential to the success of the manufacturing industry.

QAD Redzone’s program will acknowledge these game changers and outstanding frontline workers, showcasing their achievements, resilience and impact on manufacturing.

“In the heart of every manufacturing facility lies a team of all stars – the frontline employees who drive progress, innovation and transformation. These individuals have demonstrated remarkable leadership, creativity, and perseverance, often in the face of adversity,” said QAD Redzone Senior Vice President of Operations and Customer Success Zack Sosebee. “With the Faces of the Frontline program, we aim to celebrate their invaluable contributions in manufacturing and inspire others to recognize the gems within their own factory.”

QAD Redzone’s initiative brings to the forefront the evolving nature of manufacturing careers, emphasizing the transition from traditional, labor-intensive roles to highly skilled, technology-driven positions. It also acknowledges the pivotal role played by frontline workers during the challenges posed by the recent pandemic, showcasing the dedication of these workers in sustaining global supply chains during unprecedented times.

Each story and “manufacturing all star” highlighted throughout the program shares a tale of triumph over adversity, showcasing the remarkable journeys of frontline workers who have overcome challenges, improved processes, and championed productivity increases within their respective production area.

“We believe that every frontline employee has the potential to be a catalyst for transformation within their organization,” added Sosebee. “By sharing these stories of perseverance, ingenuity, and passion, we hope to inspire manufacturers to recognize and cultivate greatness within their own organizations.”

The Faces of the Frontline program is not just a celebration of individual achievements but a call to action for organizations to invest in their most valuable asset – their people. Through recognition, encouragement, and empowerment, QAD Redzone seeks to unlock the full potential of frontline workers and drive excellence within the industry.

For more information about Faces of the Frontline or to learn more about those who have been acknowledged by the program, click here.

About QAD Redzone

As the #1 connected workforce solution in manufacturing, QAD Redzone enables frontline teams to contribute their full potential, elevating the frontline with new technology to achieve company goals around productivity and throughput. Today, hundreds of thousands of frontline workers are valued, celebrated, and working with purpose, creating stronger communities inside and outside their plants. With customers both big and small, Redzone is helping more than 1,300 plants worldwide achieve remarkable productivity gains in just 90 days. For more information, visit

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