LNS Research Names QAD Redzone as Front Runner in Connected Frontline Workforce Solution Matrix

LNS Research has recognized QAD Redzone as a Front Runner in its Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) Applications Solution Selection Matrix (SSM), which is based on its extensive analysis of several technology vendors within the space. As a leading advisory firm for the world’s largest industrial companies, LNS Research has defined the CFW paradigm since 2018. CFW solutions are also known as Connected Worker Platforms and Connected Workforce Solutions.

What is a Connected Frontline Workforce?

Nearly three out of four manufacturing organizations have experienced a decline in operational performance due to challenges in hiring, training, and retaining their frontline workforce. To combat the decline, over half of industrial organizations across the globe have introduced Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) initiatives, making digital empowerment a central focus for their frontline workforces.

A connected frontline workforce in manufacturing is one in which cross-functional teams (production, quality, maintenance, etc) have aligned goals and standard work that keep them rowing in the same direction. Digital CFW solutions include visual factory dashboards, paperless standard work, work instructions, training, and continuous improvement tools.

CFW initiatives are being integrated into broader Industrial Transformation (IX) programs to address frontline workforce challenges such as labor shortages, skills gaps, and retention issues. Organizations are leveraging CFW technology solutions to tackle these challenges while optimizing operational performance across safety, quality, and productivity dimensions.

However, navigating the path toward a connected frontline workforce is no small feat. The CFW Applications market is emerging and highly fragmented, demanding careful consideration from industrial business and technology leaders.

What is the CFW Applications Solution Selection Matrix?

Since its first CFW research publication in 2018, LNS Research has had broad and deep engagement with many technology vendors and manufacturing organizations. Its CFW applications SSM serves as a guide to help manufacturing organizations understand CFW applications and identify vendors offering viable solutions to digitally enable a future-ready frontline workforce.

Designed for the frontline workforce in manufacturing operations, CFW applications enhance digital connectivity by facilitating a multi-directional flow of data and communication among workers. These applications increase worker connectivity to the operational management system, providing real-time feedback, supporting faster decision-making, and improving collaboration.

The SSM focuses on software applications that serve as a point or complete CFW solution, including data management and analytics functionalities. While CFW applications play a central role, achieving a holistic solution often requires integrating additional technologies based on the use case, operating environment, and existing technology infrastructure. Additional technologies include mobile devices, IT infrastructure, integration with operational technology systems, wearable technology, and smart connected devices. Some examples of smart devices are head-mounted displays, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) smart connected devices, geo-positioning technologies, and advanced analytics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR).

QAD Redzone Recognized as a Front Runner

LNS Research named QAD Redzone as a Front Runner in its CFW applications SSM due to the company’s large customer base, growth, and product innovation. QAD Redzone’s CFW Solution provides workflow integration to the frontline to address labor shortages, worker burnout, and supply chain disruptions. The company minimizes customer challenges related to product upgrades by providing a single code base to all customers without customization.

According to the LNS Research CFW SSM QAD Redzone Vendor Profile, the company emphasizes a flexible platform with highly productized and repeatable solutions that do not require heavy IT or OT technology to improve productivity and engagement.

In addition, QAD Redzone provides customers with modules based on the needs of their manufacturing environment. These modules include Productivity (Production), Compliance (Quality/ESH), Reliability (Maintenance), and the Learning Module. The Community Think Tank feedback program enables customers to identify and solve their most significant frontline challenges. Future improvements will include providing multiple plants with a common cloud for multi-site analytics and access to anonymized data to allow customers to benchmark across the QAD Redzone customer base.

QAD Redzone is the #1 Connected Workforce Solution in the CFW space with:

  • the largest customer base (over 1,000 plants)
  • the most users (over 350,000)
  • the highest customer satisfaction (NPS score of 68)
  • the highest rating on G2 and Capterra

On average, QAD Redzone’s customers achieve a 29% increase in labor productivity, 74% more employee engagement, and a 32% reduction in employee turnover in the first 90 days.

LNS Research’s Vendor Selection Process

Potential vendors are screened against the established inclusion and exclusion criteria. After the initial screening and market knowledge, selected vendors receive a survey to provide data about their products and involvement in the CFW applications space.

The survey data, along with information from vendor briefings and customer references, forms the basis for scoring using the “LNS Research 3P Evaluation Model” which covers Product, Potential, and Presence dimensions. Scoring factors include evaluation criteria, vendor knowledge, end-user feedback, and LNS Research industry experience.

QAD Redzone was identified as a leader in the Potential dimension with a record of exceptionally fast growth and customer success and a strong position for additional growth after its acquisition by global ERP vendor, QAD.

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