QAD Redzone Recognized as the #1 Connected Worker Platform on Software Review Site G2

QAD Redzone secured the lead position in the G2 Grid for Connected Worker Platforms, a matrix developed by G2 Crowd that positions connected worker platforms in one of four quadrants — Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche — based on unbiased customer reviews and market presence data.

As the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, over 80 million annual users rely on G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Earlier this year, QAD Redzone was listed among the winners of G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards, alongside other top software providers.

Why was QAD Redzone Positioned as the Leader?

With a 4.9-star average rating from 231 reviews, QAD Redzone continues to be the Leader in this space. Enterprise-level professionals, mid-market companies, and small businesses rated QAD Redzone as the top Connected Worker Platform software tool on the market. Reviews highlighted QAD Redzone’s easy-to-read graphical interface, its ability to record data across all departments and provide incentives for improvement, and its ability to record production progress based on power hours for faster diagnosis of potential issues.

Recognized as the #1 Connected Workforce Solution in manufacturing, QAD Redzone empowers frontline teams to maximize their contributions by leveraging new technology to align with company objectives in terms of productivity and throughput. QAD Redzone’s connected workforce platform has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of frontline workers, creating a sense of value and purpose, and contributing to stronger communities within and beyond plants.

Serving a diverse range of customers, both large and small, QAD Redzone enables significant productivity gains within 90 days of implementation — over 1,000 plants have reaped these benefits. On average, QAD Redzone’s #1 Connected Workforce Solution has helped manufacturers achieve:

  • 29% increase in productivity
  • 74% boosts in employee engagement
  • 32% reduction in staff turnover

G2’s Scoring Methodologies

G2 evaluates products and sellers by aggregating reviews from its user community, along with data gathered from online sources and social networks. These scores are mapped on its proprietary G2 Grid, which can be used for product comparisons to streamline the buying process and swiftly identify the best products based on the collective experiences of other customers.

G2 uses two proprietary scoring components — Satisfaction and Market Presence — to determine the overall G2 score and Grid placement. G2’s Satisfaction score is influenced by multiple aspects of the reviews, including the response data, volume, quality, recency, and source. G2 prohibits paid placements in its ratings, rankings, and reports to ensure that all reviews are unbiased and reflective of user satisfaction.

G2’s Market Presence score combines 18 metrics derived from G2’s user reviews and third-party sources, with greater weight assigned to product-specific metrics. These metrics are based on several factors including review count, employee count, revenue, web presence, growth, influence, and engagement.

According to G2, “Ease of Use”, “KPIs”, “Collaboration”, and “Procedures” are the top four factors that positively impact user satisfaction for Connected Worker Platform products. These factors are determined by an algorithm that selects the attributes that are most likely to predict user satisfaction within this category.

In comparison to the average out-of-10 scores of Connected Worker Platforms on G2, QAD Redzone scored higher in all four factors with:

  • 9.3 for East of Use (vs 8.7)
  • 9.2 for KPIs (vs 8.3)
  • 9.4 for Collaboration (vs 8.6)
  • 8.9 for Procedures (vs 8.7)

Why Are Connected Worker Platforms Important?

Connected worker platforms assist manufacturers, big and small, with operational performance management, visual factory, quality management, preventive maintenance, continuous improvement, and learning content. These platforms enable frontline teams to collaborate, share information, and complete daily standard work easily and effectively.

Since connected worker platforms are delivered as standalone systems, they often require integration with manufacturing and supply chain software, such as ERP systems, manufacturing execution systems, supply chain suites, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software, and environmental health and safety (EHS) software — which ensures employee safety.

Manufacturers leveraging connected worker platforms benefit from real-time visibility of production efficiencies, autonomous maintenance, paperless quality, automatic statistical process control, remote support from subject matter experts, digital work instructions, and continuous improvement tools.

QAD Redzone’s Leadership Expands Beyond G2

In addition to the recognition from G2 Crowd, QAD Redzone has also received Front Runner status in LNS Research’s Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) Applications Solution Selection Matrix (SSM).

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2023 Productivity Benchmark Report

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