Our Coaching Style 

At Redzone we understand that people ‘learn by doing’; not by sitting in class rooms, hearing theories and insights. Our coaching method reflects this understanding. 

We coach:

  • Hands on, down on the floor, where the action happens.
  • We follow a model of ‘watch one, do one, teach one’.
  • Introduce specific problem solving skills – including 5 Why’s & Fishbone Diagrams.
  • Help leverage the full leadership teams talent.

The Role of the Redzone Coach

Our Redzone coaches are here to bring the best out of your own people and create your own Production System for improvement. Following a short preparation phase, our coaches take your ‘success plan’ and guide your team through two major phases over 90 days. ‘Win The Day’ is about developing structured forums for rapid problem resolution, starting on the floor in hourly huddles and carrying through to weekly leadership steering. This structure binds the organization together and gets the teams ‘pulling together’ to Win The Day. The next stage involves focused problem solving; introducing new skills and techniques to address the top recurring issues.

Find out what really drives our Coaches by watching the short videos below.