Customer Success Spotlight: Vytalogy Wellness

With today’s manufacturing industry facing several challenges due to economic turns, increasing frontline worker productivity and satisfaction has become a top priority for manufacturers, as it might be key to easing the negative effects of one of the largest issues: inflation. Here at Redzone, our overarching goal is higher frontline productivity amongst our customers. With our training programs, onboarding modules, and coaching capabilities, we’ve seen marked success in frontline productivity from our customers, despite economic turns. One such instance lies with our customer Vytalogy Wellness, based out of Sante Fe Springs, CA.

On January 11, 2022, Natrol and Jarrow Formulas, two leading vitamin and supplement brands, came together to form and rebrand as Vytalogy Wellness: a pioneer in the dietary supplement formulations market designing superior supplements based on sound scientific research to help empower individuals to make their health a top priority. With an overarching goal of innovation, Vytalogy Wellness products continue to surpass consumers’ expectations and bring them products better than ever before, unparalleled to anyone else in the market.

In the last 12 months, Vytalogy Wellness has seen outstanding success using Redzone’s connected workforce solution by fully transforming its productivity levels to help reduce the overall pressures of economic downturns. In less than 16 months, Vytalogy Wellness rolled out all four of Redzone’s modules: Productivity, Compliance, Reliability, and Learning. By simply adopting these modules, Vytaolgy has seen great success on the frontline, especially when it comes to company culture. They report, “our equipment is running better, our people are happier and we are just getting started.”

Just as the employees are feeling the effects of Redzone on culture, so is Vytalogy Wellness’ business metrics. Over the last year, they have increased output by 30%, while also decreasing cost and employee turnover. When their CEO recently visited the plant, she commented the plant went from a C- when she started in July to an A in just one short year, all with the help of Redzone.

Vytalogy Wellness was able to achieve a true 180-degree transformation by adopting Redzone, helping to attribute to:

  • Increased OEE
  • Decreased labor cost
  • Decreased turnover
  • Increased employee morale and engagement

Vytalogy Wellness was recently honored as the 2022 Plant of the Year at Redzone’s annual Community Awards. Watch this video to learn more about Vytalogy Wellness’ success at its hosted Redzone Productivity and QA Roadshow.

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