QAD Redzone for Automotive Manufacturers

Workforce challenges are one of the top issues as organizations struggle to  attract, manage, maintain and upscale employees, especially as the industry transitions from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. Workforce collaboration, training and job satisfaction at the plant are more critical than ever to organizational leaders.  While at the same time, eliminating waste to maintain or increase margins always remains a constant pressure in the industry.

With QAD Redzone’s connected workforce software, manufacturers can enjoy sustainable productivity improvements with more engaged workers with organic double-digit increases to revenue and margins — without adding people or equipment. With a shift to a truly connected and collaborative workforce, QAD Redzone’s software enables a lean manufacturing culture with ongoing continuous improvement driven by shop floor ownership.

QAD Redzone facilitates communication, collaboration and problem solving between employees and leadership attributing to an increase in both productivity and engagement. Operator engagement contributes to dramatically reducing worker turnover with a connected workforce energized to excel by transforming into a more engaged facility which is critical in a time when workforce turnover is a persistent issue.

Transforming the auto supply chain workplace through engagement, communication, and gamification

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