Creating a New Value Proposition for Manufacturing Workers

Recently, IndustryWeek held a webinar, Respect for People—The Fundamental Lean Manufacturing Principle for Improving Operations. “Respect for people, one of the most critical lean principles, is also one of the most misunderstood. Without respect, a lean culture of continuous improvement is impossible,” says presenter Dave Ricardo, Associate Director for the Maryland World Class Consortium and a lean manufacturing consultant.

Understanding Lean Manufacturing Goals and Principles

Lean manufacturing is a methodology focused on maximizing productivity while minimizing waste. As a result, it requires the participation of the entire workforce and key business functions: production, quality, reliability, and the learning organization.

“So, you can think of the ideal, as everybody, every day, systematically solving problems and moving the company forward to meet its goals and add value to customers,” says Ricardo in the webinar.

“Lean is a growth strategy, creating more fulfilling work: more involvement, growth, learning, and fun!” Ricardo adds.

Lean people principles are that everyone participates, workers are treated with respect, and teamwork rules the day.

“So, how do we create a motivating environment that everyone wants to be a part of?” Ricardo asked.

Observe This Workers’ Bill of Rights

Ricardo says employees stop listening when they don’t trust supervisors or processes. Workers’ bill of rights includes the right to receive explanations. As a result, they understand why change is occurring, are involved in solving problems, are listened to, have the data and tools they need to be successful and are treated as intelligent human beings, Ricardo stated.

We agree. Companies win when workers are engaged. The QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution provides embedded methodologies, like Lean manufacturing, tools for daily work across functions; data; analytics for reporting; and forums to share best practices. It empowers workers with the data, tools, and learning materials they need to drive significant business results for their companies, develop their careers, and be rewarded for success.

In a recent blog, we offered seven strategies for using QAD Redzone to improve worker engagement. A Gallup study finds that business units with engaged workers deliver 23% higher profit than those that don’t.

Companies that create a new value proposition for workers will drive the greatest success with lean manufacturing. They:

  • Provide digital tools to drive change: According to Ricardo’s bill of rights, digital tools automate manual processes. By using them, workers can focus on higher-level tasks and become agents of change.
  • Avoid the blame game: The truth is in the data. QAD Redzone surfaces real-time production data via overhead TVs, tablets by production equipment, and on its app so that workers can collaborate on solving problems, not point fingers.  
  • Enable workers to learn more skills: Teams become more engaged when they learn new skills, becoming respected experts on critical processes. QAD Redzone enables workers to propose and implement solutions and use digital skills matrices their plant leaders want and need.
  • Lead continuous improvement initiatives: Enthusiastic workers create momentum. They can bring others along the journey to optimize processes, mentor new hires and other team members, and champion new programs.

If your continuous improvement programs aren’t delivering the desired results, it may be time to create a new worker bill of rights and value proposition for your company.

Deploy QAD Redzone and watch productivity soar.

2023 Productivity Benchmark Report

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