Redzone Sub-Processors

This page contains a list of sub-processors engaged by Redzone that may process personal data or personal information in connection with Customer’s use of the Redzone services.  Redzone may update this list from time-to-time if sub-processors are added or replaced.

AWSCloud InfrastructureUSA
DataDogLog and Session ManagementUSA
EventbriteEvent ManagementUSA
OktopostSocial ManagementUSA
SlackInternal Communication and SupportUSA
StatusPage/AtlassianIncident Notification and TicketingUSA
MailchimpEmail CorrespondenceUSA
SalesforceSales TrackingUSA
AsanaProject ManagementUSA
DiscourseCommunity SupportUSA
GithubSource ControlUSA
Vonage OpenTokIn-App Video ConferencingEU
monday.comSurveys and FormsUSA
Auth0User Authentication and IdentificationUSA
SnowflakeCloud Data Hosting and AnalyticsUSA
SendosoDirect MarketingUSA
ZoomInfoSales ProspectingUSA
GongSales ManagementUSA
CalendlySales CoordinationUSA
OutreachContent DeliveryUSA
SageFinance ManagementUSA
VidyardContent DeliveryUSA