Productivity NOW For Your Plant

Redzone for small to medium enterprise sized food and CPG organizations

For small to medium size food companies, unlocking capacity and maximizing the impact of limited resources is key to profitable growth.

But this desire for a step change in productivity is often followed by a series of questions; what issues should we tackle first, how do we get started, are my people ready for such a change, how can we positively impact BOTH productivity and quality, what is the payback?

At Redzone our Digital Production System is designed to address these questions bringing a structured and systematic approach to improvement that delivers predictable results everytime. With the right combination of technology and coaching introduced over 90 days, teams are taught how to win the day using real time visibility in structured forums and apply problem solving skills to independently tackle issues. By better leveraging the talents and experience of the shop floor teams a more, focused, competitive and collaborative environment develops. Shop floor teams buy-in instantly as cumbersome manual systems are replaced by digital technology that has a familiar look and feel and gives the floor a voice. With this bottom up approach to improvement, change happens fast, we call it Productivity NOW.

For the Redzone community of over 860 plants, Productivity NOW means 5 days production in 4 days, an empty parking lot at the weekends, a paperless shop floor with quality assured and a workforce that is excited to come to work. Actions speak louder than words so let us demonstrate these results with an opportunity blitz at your facility.


Redzone Results: The impact in 90 days
Redzone: The Production System for small to mid sized Manufacturers