Visual factory

  • Highly visual, easy to read dashboards to immediately communicate how a team is winning or losing vs. targets
  • Real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to measure throughput without the typical manual, error-prone and rear-view monitoring
  • At your fingertips Standard-Operating-Procedures and Work Instructions in context of standard work

Problem solving

  • Adhoc problem solving at the point of activity
  • Structured Action Management for accountability to get things fixed
  • Manage corrective action meetings for assignments and accountability
  • Pareto analysis to keep focused on the vital few issues


  • Built-in continuous improvement tools (Fishbone, 5 Whys, etc.) for resolving longer term issues
  • Business intelligence tools to quantify top challenges and measure financial benefits

90 day productivity coaching

Coach-in’ skills focused on accurate data against production targets and share across the plant to improve the outcome of every hour, of every shift on every line. Coaches drive home the philosophy of ‘winning the day’ and close out by celebrating the step-change in performance improvement with a Town Hall event.

Communication & collaboration

Connect production teams with chats, photos, videos and more to provide visibility to everything and keep everyone in the loop. Leverage visual factory dashboard to ‘know the score’ and drive resolution of actions with greater awareness and accountability.