QAD Redzone for High Tech and Electronics Manufacturers

Operator-centric production is typical for many high tech and electronics manufacturing enterprises. Whether it is the semi-automatic production of electrical components such as cables or team-based assembly and testing of printed circuit boards, the effectiveness of the shop floor workforce is critical to the success of the organization.

High tech and electronics manufacturing challenges require an adaptable approach to shop floor operations. The demand mix of modern manufacturing includes standard “catalog” items but increasingly also includes customer-specific variants of those items. This requires both the shop floor equipment and personnel to be responsive to dynamic changes and adjustments on the fly. This flexibility must be achieved while maintaining the highest product quality and a sensitivity to inventory and other costs.

With QAD Redzone’s connected workforce software, High tech and electronics manufacturers can enjoy sustainable productivity improvements with organic double-digit uplift to increase revenue and margins — without adding people or equipment. With a shift to a truly connected and collaborative workforce, QAD Redzone’s software enables a lean manufacturing culture with ongoing continuous improvement driven by shop floor ownership. Operator engagement contributes to dramatically reducing worker turnover with a connected workforce energized to excel by transforming into a more collaborative, more engaged team.

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