faces of the frontline: manufacturing’s all stars

Michael “Mikey” Garcia
Claremont Foods

The positive influence of a respected leader

Faces of the Frontline - Michael Garcia - Claremont Foods

Bring up the subject of leadership at Claremont Foods, a family-owned food manufacturing company in Westminster, Colorado, and one of the first examples you’ll hear about is Michael Garcia. Michael, affectionately known as “Mikey,” has been at Claremont for three years and is currently the backup supervisor on the night shift.

Respected Leader

Mikey’s leadership style is a testament to the principle that respect can’t be given — it must be earned. Mikey has earned his team’s respect because, in everything he does, he leads by example, modeling how to do the work and how to treat others. You can see the result in how his team is willing to follow his lead without any hesitation. All he has to do is ask.

Mikey also demonstrated incredible selflessness when a production line was struggling and needed extra support. Mikey, a team lead at the time, offered to step down from his position for several months and help train the team. “He said, ‘Hey, I’m going to take a demotion to help the company succeed because I know in the long term, it’ll benefit me.’ You’re never going to find someone like that,” says Alex Hyland, Vice President of Operations. “I just got chills talking about it.”

Data-Driven Tech Expert

Data is the heart of the modern manufacturing facility, and Mikey has his finger on the pulse by being proficient in Redzone. At Claremont Foods, Redzone is a critical operational tool and Mikey’s data-driven nature drives him to make the best use of it. He likes how Redzone shows him what’s happening on the floor, especially when four lines are operating and he can’t be everywhere at once. “I like being able to see in real time how each line is running,” he says. 

He relies on Redzone to help him make quick and more accurate decisions than he could without the data at his fingertips. His expertise with Redzone enables him to keep production lines running smoothly and train other employees, enhancing the overall productivity and data literacy of the workforce.

Team Supporter

Mikey’s positive attitude is as influential as his technical skills and helps to create a welcoming and motivating environment on the shop floor. With his positive demeanor and an easy, infectious smile and laugh, he’s easy to work with. He’s attentive and likes to work in different areas so he can be there to help if anyone needs assistance.

Mikey has an unparalleled commitment to his team and frequently switches shifts and even skips breaks to ensure everyone has what they need. These actions have a significant impact on the team’s efficiency and morale. His positivity, combined with his hands-on approach, makes him an invaluable asset to Claremont Foods.

Mikey’s tenure at Claremont Foods exemplifies dedication, leadership, and excellence, with contributions going far beyond his job description. This All-Star demonstrates the impact of teamwork and commitment in the workplace and serves as an inspiration to everyone at Claremont Foods.

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