Purposeful onboarding

  • Make every new hire feel welcomed and valued with a plant-wide welcome
  • Team them up with the right people with the right experience to ensure rapid success with a dedicated buddy and a team of specialty mentors to learn the best ways to work with the team from the start
  • Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior, so give growing employees the kudos they deserve with recognition that is visible to everyone in the plant

Customized career paths

  • Easy to follow Skills Matrix to show the skills a team has and the opportunities an employee has to grow into
  • Increased agility with clear training packs and activities to aid in cross-skilling
  • Self-service career progression to keep frontline workers on track and growing forward

Experience on-demand

  • Learn the best ways to do things just like you do at home with YouTube™
  • Short videos generated by frontline experts on YOUR equipment and processes
  • Easily add new ideas and details to video lessons so team mates can continuously improve processes

On-the-job training that matters

  • Seed teachable moments with lessons to make it easy to learn or refresh as required
  • Make every task approachable with multimedia work instructions where and when they are needed with a simple QR code scan from the iPad.
  • Step-by-step How To videos produced by your local experts, not actors