Give Employees a Chance to Grow and They’ll Put Down Roots.

A better frontline employee experience

New employees feel part of the team on day-one, ramp up faster, and have career progression. Be your town’s destination employer!​


Day one in a plant can feel daunting. With Redzone, new employees feel part of the team with plant-wide welcome screens and a digital buddy system. Leader welcome videos, learning packs, and knowledge verifications ensure new employees ramp-up fast, feel competent, and decide to stay.​

Standards and Plays​

Goodbye outdated SOPs in three-ring binders… Hello YouTube for the factory! Nobody reads manuals at home and they don’t want to do that at work. ​

Standards allow experts to create multimedia work instructions with configurable approval processes. Plays enable everyone in the plant to contribute their local knowledge with short videos that are automatically transcribed and translated in the viewer’s native language. ​

Don’t make the frontlines search for the answers… have the answers find them! 

Upskilling, Learning & Development

Real time digital skills matrix, learning packs and mentors-on-demand allow frontlines to acquire new skills. As this takes hold, your teams become cross-trained and multi-skilled creating a learning organization. The real-time skills matrix allows leads and supervisor to optimize flexibility to meet production needs. ​​

Redzone allows the frontlines to own their progression turning jobs-for-now into careers-for-life.​