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Paperless quality management

Move to real-time food safety & quality assurance management in a controlled and pragmatic manner.

Until now maintaining quality assurance has meant cumbersome shop floor paperwork that must be reviewed, signed off, filed and retrieved for up to 7 years into the future. Now, imagine paperless quality checks that move with the operators and technicians, remind them when checks are due and alerts to potential issues BEFORE they happen. Fully auditable, with electronic signatures (21 CFR part 11) to ensure compliance with standards, and so configurable it creates any number and any type of checks from HACCP through to regular daily SOP’s (e.g. start-ups) and even GMP audits. Redzone becomes your real-time quality management resource.


Features & Benefits

  • Go paperless on the shop floor and reduce admin burden.
  • Be guided by an experienced Coach to ensure full compliance to regulatory standards.
  • Real-time QA dashboard shows exactly what checks have been completed on each line.
  • Single user interface for operations and quality teams removes silos.
  • Comprehensive audit-ability across production process.
  • Meet FDA and USDA requirements with 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
  • Supports GFSI requirements including SQF and BRC.
  • Revision tracking and document control are built-in and automatic.
  • Ensure escalation process is consistent and repeatable and actions don’t get missed.
  • Detect, correct and minimize process variation in real-time.
  • Ensure corrective action/preventative actions occur in real-time and have a root cause identified for FSMA requirement.
  • Evolve data-capture options with iPads to take photos, scan barcodes and authenticate with biometric thumbprints.
  • Link to devices such as scales to remove human error in the collection process.
  • Trigger checks based on a volume of production, a measure of time or % complete of a production run.
  • Audit ready reports to pull history at any time.

Statistical process control

Reduce variation, monitor for production or process changes.

Reduce variation and monitor product variables through the use of statistical models and rules.  Deliver histograms and Pareto's, real-time charts such as Xbar and R, P, Np, C, and statistical indices such as Cp, Cpk, Ppk, etc. Use Redzone’s SPC engine to calculate control limits using SKU characteristic standard deviations and apply standard SPC models for control such as Western Electric.  Reporting capability includes production summaries, certificate of analysis, performance against specifications, statistical summaries and costs of process changes.




Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Giveaway through Western Electric SPC rules.
  • Characteristics and tolerances defined by SKU.
  • Display Control Charts such as XBar & R in real-time and easy to read formats for shop floor operators.
  • Create line-side and plant-wide visibility as soon as characteristics are out of control.
  • Guarantee the right corrective action is taken by enabling automatic remedial action and alert generation.

Audits & checklists

Guarantee operational compliance across the plant.

The audits & checklist capabilities within the Redzone compliance module help ensure operational compliance across production areas and teams. Audits in the workplace are used to ensure activities are executed based on agreed policies and procedures. Audits also help employers remain compliant with regulatory requirements and external auditing bodies.





Features & Benefits

  • 5S, GMP, Microbial and Safety audits and checklists or other non-quality related program can be created instantly.
  • Know exactly when QA released a line to production using a pre-start checklist.
  • Improve productivity due to disorganization with 5S techniques and audits.
  • Introduce Leader Standard Work and create a Layered Process Audit System quickly and easily.
  • Embed new working practices to improve team wide productivity.
  • Create friendly competition with easy-to-score audits.