Paperless quality

  • Reduce administrative burden with online, 21CFR, part 11 compliant, records
  • Eliminate errors and delays caused by manual, paper-based quality inspection and recording
  • Automatic alerts triggered by non-compliance or abnormalities to minimize the impact and disruption of potential quality issues
  • E-signatures to eliminate manual recording while maintaining accountability

Statistical process control

  • Statistical Process Control X-Bar and R charts on the shop floor to reduce giveaway and increase profits
  • Alert when out-of-tolerance/spec conditions are approaching to take pre-emptive action before waste is produced
  • Deep Statistical analysis (Cp, Cpk, Cm, & more) to understand true capability

Audits & checklists

  • Always be audit-ready with automatically collected and formatted data making audit-prep unnecessary
  • Real-time auditing with weighted scoring to eliminate audit prep, streamline audit execution and increase resulting score
  • Automatically trigger inspections, failure reports & actions per HACCP plan to reduce missed checks and increased risks

Compliance coaching

Focus on the collection of real-time quality data and procedures for monitoring quality issues to catch them before they produce excess waste. Coaches spend time driving for continuous audit readiness with real-time prevention of potential quality issues.

Communication & collaboration

Clear communication to frontline teams when checks are required with visual reporting on performance. Closely connect with Quality team to maintain food safety compliance including early warnings if measurements are trending out of control.