Make it Right the First Time.

Go paperless (save the trees!)

Reduce waste by transferring quality ownership to the people making the product. Welcome auditors with open arms!​

Paperless quality

Less hassle and less mistakes with plant-wide quality dashboards. Miss/fail/warn triggers and alerts means no check is ever overlooked. Bulletproof your data collection by capturing images of product and scanning barcodes for automatic pass/fail reducing waste and rework. Every quality record is at your fingertips, so audits and customer inquiries take minutes not days.​

Statistical Process Control (SPC)​

Reduce waste and variability by proactively adjusting the process when Redzone predicts out-of-control conditions and alerts frontline employees. Automatically calculate real-time deep statistical parameters like control limits, Cp, Cpk, and Cpp so you can ensure processes meet customer specifications. ​

Audits, Checklists, and Safety

Redzone plants inspect what they expect for safety and compliance. Conduct audits with weighted scoring to ensure adherence to personnel safety, food safety, and internal management systems. Infinitely configurable Redzone checklists allow plants to go paperless with safety inspections, housekeeping, pre-flight checks and every imaginable task.  ​