QAD Redzone for Life Sciences Manufacturers

Life sciences manufacturers face the perfect storm of challenges when it comes to successfully operating plants to deliver important life saving and life sustaining products. Fortunately, there is no shortage of demand for nutraceuticals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and advanced therapeutics. However, managing this increase in demand and optimizing workforce capacity and changeovers on the plant floor can be costly and time consuming, especially during a time of workforce shortages. And with increasing pricing pressures from regulators globally, on top of rising inflation, delivering more products with less resources – at the same or increasing level of quality – is ultimately the goal. But is this even possible?

Connected workforce solutions like QAD Redzone are enabling front-line workers with the tools that can improve quality of products, increase throughput and productivity, and ultimately help reduce employee turnover. From initial set-up, sanitation, maintenance, or full production changeovers, multi-step processes and procedures that used to take frontline workers hours, can be reduced to minutes. QAD Redzone solutions also help establish a lean manufacturing culture, with a focus on ongoing continuous improvement, driven by shop floor ownership. These key features can help life sciences manufacturers’ operations run more efficiently and effectively.

Frontline workers are the heartbeat of every life sciences manufacturing plant. QAD Redzone is the technology enabler that improves communication, collaboration, and engagement across the entire operation.

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