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Wooden Coils Of Electric Cable Outdoor. High and low voltage cables in the storage.
Why Redzone?

Enjoy sustainable double-digit productivity improvements that increase revenue and margins—without adding people or equipment.

Dramatically reduce worker turnover with an engaged workforce, energized to excel, by transforming into a more collaborative, more engaged team.

Create a lean manufacturing culture with ongoing continuous improvement driven by shop floor ownership.

Benefits for General Manufacturers

Increase labor efficiency and reduce cost-of-poor quality with a state-of-the-art visual factory that displays the progress of your manufacturing orders

Create an army of problem solvers on the frontlines that resolve issues faster and keep good product flowing with mobile communication and collaboration tools.

Improve first pass yield by mistake-proofing your quality management system with a digital paperless quality solution.

Capture and communicate quality issues to suppliers in real time

Resolve problems faster with automatic alerts of test and inspection failures on mobile devices like tablets, phones, and smart watches.

Increase throughput by significantly reducing machine downtime with loss-tracking and digital root cause analysis tools.

Become more action-oriented with action management and kaizen events to eliminate persistent issues that continuously drain your productivity

Significantly reduce variability and defects through statistical process control (SPC).

allied wire cable video
It’s very exciting to share we’ve had a 166% productivity improvement in our business which is unbelievable! We continued to turn up our OEE targets and we continued to exceed them.
Al Pape CEO, Allied Wire & Cable

General Manufacturers in the Redzone Community

As Benchmarked

To assess the effectiveness of the Redzone Connected Workforce Solution, a benchmark study is conducted against the Redzone 90-Day productivity program every other year. The analysis compares baseline OEE to the resulting OEE uplift after 90 days and presents the resulting productivity improvement.

All Redzone community members demonstrate OEE uplifts in 90 days. Sophisticated, global manufacturers can expect double-digit increases while smaller, less mature plants enjoy >30% OEE uplifts.

The average 12% OEE uplift with an associated 22% productivity improvement across the entire sample means that users can enjoy additional capacity without adding resources or reduce costs without increasing output.

Perhaps the most impactful—but immeasurable—outcome has been the cultural phenomenon that resulted from improved communication across the plants considered in this study.

General Manufacturing Benchmark

Below is a data extract of the results achieved by General Manufacturers:


Average OEE Baseline


90-Day OEE Uplift


90-Day Productivity Improvements


Discover how plants authentically transformed their level of frontline engagement.