How a Production Team Is Using QAD Redzone to Win the Day

Jesse Meis and Jeffrey Davis are two expanders who work at Coil Specialist, Inc., a second-generation, family-owned business located in Gilmer, Texas. The manufacturer produces heat transfer, tube, and fin coils and sells through original equipment manufacturers and direct to companies.

The duo, who work together on the HVAC refrigeration line, recently participated in Coil Specialist’s deployment of the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution. This cloud-based solution captures production data automatically from IIoT devices and surfaces it via mobile, social collaboration technology. Coaches work with frontline teams like Coil Specialist’s workers to unlock their creativity and drive to solve production problems and win the day.

Read Component Manufacturer Drives Productivity by 37% with QAD Redzone for a deeper dive on the results Coil Specialist achieved in just 90 days.

Component Manufacturer Drives Productivity by 37% with QAD Redzone

Case Study

The QAD Redzone team checked in with Meis and Davis to learn more about their experience with the Connected Workforce Solution and how they’re using it to work more efficiently and improve product quality at their company. Here’s what they said.

Q: Tell us about your job at Coil Specialist.

A: “I’m an expander,” says Meis. “I work with Jeffrey to expand coils. We make sure they’re the right measurements and that everything checks out on the spec sheet and that the coils fit in whatever machine that we’re making them for. I love what I do. It’s challenging at times, but we work together and knock it out.”

“We have hundreds of different coils, so we do something different every day,” said Davis. “I like the challenge.”

Q: What was it like learning that your company would be deploying QAD Redzone?

A: “I had joined the company about a month or two before QAD Redzone was rolled out,” said Meis. “I heard a lot of good things about the technology: that we’d be able to see our stats and performance on TVs and tablets and share information with each other.”

“I was a little worried at first,” said Davis. “But since we’ve gotten QAD Redzone, it’s gotten a lot easier to communicate and get things done.”

Q: What has your experience been like using the Connected Workforce Solution?

A: “Once we got our baseline data, we tried to achieve more and more each day. QAD Redzone helps with troubleshooting issues, getting an idea of where everyone is at with each order, and just getting the job done,” said Meis.

“We’re solving a lot more problems than we did before,” said Davis. “And we’re creating less scrap now.”

Q: Was there anything that surprised you about QAD Redzone?

A: “It’s really easy to take pictures, quickly share information, and troubleshoot production issues with other team members, even if they’re in a different building,” said Meis. “Before, you had to make a call, but now everyone has a tablet at their station. You press on the menus and start a conference. It’s instantaneous.”

Q: We hear you’re having fun with QAD Redzone. Can you tell us more?

A: “Both of our first names start with J, so we’re calling ourselves J&J Expansion,” said Meis. “Our tagline is that we’re ‘Loyal to the Coil.’ We’re making a name for ourselves with QAD Redzone.”

Q: What’s your favorite part of using QAD Redzone?

A: “It’s great to see our performance up on the TVs and get high-fives from our supervisors, congratulating us on our work. Everyone is able to see that, and it makes you really proud of what you do and how hard you work,” said Meis.

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