Frontline MVP Spotlight Series: Eucary Pineda

Humble and Proactive Problem Solver

Eucary Pineda is a line supervisor at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition, an online food store based in Lindon, Utah. She was selected as our March Frontline Worker MVP Spotlight because of her passion for excellence, ability to motivate, and inspiring story.

Eucary has impressed me since very early on as somebody that we can count on and somebody that kind of embodies the idea of continuous improvement and personal growth.

Eric McCuistion | Vice President of Manufacturing, BetterBody Foods & Nutrition

What Makes Eucary a Redzone Frontline MVP

After immigrating to the United States from Venezuela in 2018, Eucary got a job at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition. Full of grit, hard work, and intelligence, Eucary quickly moved up from entry-level line worker to the sanitation team, and now to her current position as a line supervisor. Eucary’s determination and skills were recognized by management from her first few days at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition. Vice President of Manufacturing Eric McCuistion said when BetterBody Foods & Nutrition rolled out a brand new line, management had “no question” who would become the leader.

As soon as she took that team over, she was meeting with them and helping them understand the importance of improvement.
Eric McCuistion Vice President of Manufacturing, BetterBody Foods & Nutrition

Eucary’s dedication, teamwork, and leadership also led her to win the 2022 Redzone Frontline MVP of the Year award. Here are some of the values she demonstrates at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition.

  • Collaborator: Right out of the gate, Eucary took the initiative to approach her teammates and uncover areas of improvement. Her first QAD Redzone “huddle” action item was to work directly with the warehouse lead to brainstorm ways to speed up the line. Together they developed a solution that shaved ten minutes off the startup time for the line.
  • Creative Idea Generator: Supervisors at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition are regularly challenged to find creative and budget-friendly ways to improve operations. Eucary is consistently on the lookout for new tools and processes that could increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Team Player and Trainer: Eucary uses her leadership talent to help coworkers understand processes. This dedication sometimes extends beyond her shift when Eucary can be found working with the next shift on a new product or setup. “I have passion for training people,” says Eucary.
  • Humble: Humility appears to come easily to Eucary. Even while leading and training her team, she is pursuing opportunities to observe, learn, and improve. She has a natural drive to seek new ideas and fix problems.
  • Knowledgeable: Eucary has studied BetterBody Foods & Nutrition’s machines, processes, and products in great depth. This knowledge of the company’s core operations is reflected in her ability to train line workers and collaborate across departments.
  • Goes the Extra Mile: While participating in a recent kaizen event, Eucary was very engaged while powering through a language barrier. She presented part of her session in English, even though a translator was available because she wanted to work with her colleagues in their first language. “She’s a perfectionist with patience if that’s possible,” says Darin Diamond, Production Manager, BetterBody Foods & Nutrition.

Solving Problems for BetterBody Foods & Nutrition

Finding areas to optimize processes is central to Eucary’s work ethic. She’s been described as “instrumental” in refining downtime codes and improving production line setups and cleaning. This self-starter spirit is incredibly valuable to the management team, which needs reliable supervisors who can plan ahead and handle day-to-day operations.

Reusing and Repurposing

When Eucary worked on the sanitation team, she was encouraged to find cost-friendly ways to meet budgeting and production goals.

One of Eucary’s ideas was to repurpose tools found in other areas of the facility to optimize her line’s processes. She took the initiative to seek out tools that were relevant to her operation, work with maintenance to get those tools in working order and integrate them into her line.

Thinking Ahead

Eucary proactively works with purchasing and scheduling to plan for new equipment and installations. By staying ahead of equipment failures and performance issues, she can keep the line running consistently and with minimal disruption.

Speeding Processes

When BetterBody Foods & Nutrition implemented QAD Redzone, Eucary was one of the first to use the “huddle” feature to instigate an action item. She was looking for ideas to help speed startup and needed other teams to step in and brainstorm.

She connected with the warehouse team and, together, they came up with a solution: Previously, the line workers would arrive at work, retrieve their materials from the warehouse, and deliver them to the line for startup. Instead, they determined that the warehouse team would bring the necessary materials to the line so they would be there when the line workers arrived.

The first time I got a notification from a huddle of an action item created, it was from Eucary.

Andrew Pollard | Operations Manager, BetterBody Foods & Nutrition

The new process was such a success that it was adopted by BetterBody Foods & Nutrition across all production lines.

The result? Every startup on every line of every day begins ten minutes earlier than it did previously, generating an ongoing production output increase.

Accomplishments and Certifications

Eucary has quickly risen through the ranks at BetterBody Foods and is now one of three supervisors on BetterBody Foods’ day shift. She is recognized by management and her peers as a star performer. In addition, she received the 2022 Redzone Frontline Worker MVP of the Year award for her commitment to excellence on the frontline.

Goals and Ambitions

Eucary’s immediate ambition is to continue encouraging her line workers to take full advantage of the collaboration benefits and features of QAD Redzone. She believes more participation leads to improved performance which leads to an easier and more enjoyable workplace for everyone.

Congratulations to Eucary for winning the 2022 Redzone Frontline MVP of the Year award and for her recognition as a BetterBody Foods & Nutrition star performer.

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