With an unprecedented labor shortage, increasing supply chain issues, inflation and more – manufacturers are facing challenges they have never encountered before.  Productivity has become a critical part of any plant’s success but it needs to be combined with employee experience to have sustainable results. The ability to attract, engage, and retain employees has never been more crucial – as crucial as how many boxes go through the door.

Redzone provides technology that gives visibility into the goings-on on the factory floor – not just to plant executives – but to the frontline workers who are actually doing the work. By empowering the frontline – giving them insight into what’s happening, a method of communicating as a team, and the accountability for production outcomes – we unveil a new source of productivity gains. Our technology has, again and again, proven that empowering the frontlines inevitably increases bottomline results.

After a manufacturer purchases Redzone, a plan is formed between Redzone and the plant.  There is some prep work that happens (making sure the manufacturing machines have sensors, that the sensors are capturing the data that Redzone needs, etc.) followed by a practice week where we make sure everything is up and running.  We make sure that each plant has the right hardware – iPads, Apple TVs – and that everything is ready for Day One of Coaching.  Our coaches then activate the new frontline action workflows in the technology, coaching in these behaviors directly with your frontline teams, so they are confident to execute this new standard work. This takes place in a highly structured way with 4 weeks on site over the course of 90 days so that everyone is confident using the platform and the new behaviors are adopted and optimized to get the incredible productivity gains.

With over 1300+ plants adopting Redzone and an average of a 29% productivity increase, we’re sure you will see results in 90 days!

Many of our customers realize a ROI within several months of deploying Redzone.  We have pricing available for small, emerging manufacturers as well as large global companies.  We suggest you talk to one of our knowledgeable account executives to see what makes the most sense for you and your operations.


Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output.

Redzone is not an MES. Redzone is the leader of new category of transformational software that is defined by analysts such as Gartner and LNS as “Connected Worker”, what we call Connected Workforce since we see the primary role of the technology as breaking down silos and having teams communicate and collaborate seamlessly and intentionally to solve the biggest issues that impact productivity. We are about the frontline employee and how they can contribute to productivity, throughput, OEE, and overall business health.  While Redzone can integrate with an MES, we focus our technology and coaching on addressing the human element that makes manufacturing work.

Redzone is delivered as a mobile-first, SaaS application.  In addition to the software, manufacturers will need to purchase iPads for their workers as well as AppleTVs.  This hardware purchase can be made through us and our partners (recommended) or through the manufacturer’s preferred methods. 


Redzone coaches work with your shop floor to activate new behaviors that are driven through the digital workflows contained in the technology. Your Redzone coach will guide you from launch right through to seeing actual results measured by increased output through the plant. All Redzone coaches come directly from manufacturing and are then trained on the Redzone Way. They are expert communicators and lead the behavior changes that lead to the results, in a fun and engaging way, for your frontline teams. You will love your Redzone coach!

Coaching is an instrumental component of success with Redzone. Whenever implementing a game-changing technology, adoption and correct use of that technology is critical for the overall success of the initiative. Almost all customers select the coaching and find it to be incredibly valuable in their overall success.