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  • Sep 9-10 & 15-17 2020


Online Virtual Tradeshow

Show Times

Sep 9-10, 15-17 9am-12pm daily

Productivity NOW for Pet Food manufacturers …come visit our virtual booth and discuss:

How the average Redzone customer sees a DOUBLE DIGIT productivity improvement in 90 days

- has a more engaged workforce able to contribute their ideas
- removed paper from the shop floor making everyone’s life easier
- can trust their Quality & Food Safety is assured & integrated into the operator's role has a happier workforce likely to be retained & attracts others
- sees a continuous improvement mentality become systematic in their workforce

Compare yourselves against other pet food manufacturers

We all want to know how our peers and competitors are doing and what results they’re achieving and how. So why not come and compare yourselves against other manufacturers, like yourselves, and see how they've improved their plant wide efficiency by an average of 7.8% and seen an average saving of $612,000 by using the Redzone Production system approach.