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  • September 27-29, 2021


Las Vegas Convention Center

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Upper South -7644

Join us at Pack Expo, Las Vegas 2021

If you are interested in improving productivity and safety, impacting the culture of your operations and lowering operational costs come and meet us while you’re at Pack Expo.

1. Join us at the Innovation Stage Monday 27th at 1.00pm
Productivity in the food, beverage (F&B) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries has stagnated. While lean manufacturing has helped automotive and other discrete manufacturing sectors grow their OEEs from the 70s to the 80s in the past decade, F&B and CPG manufacturers have leveled off. Research over that period shows that the average starting OEE across SMB manufacturers hovers below 50% while even mature continuous improvement (CI) environments stall in the mid 60s.
Attend this session to learn how ANY F&B or CPG manufacturer can benefit from:

- The unique application of a vital few elements of lean/CI methodologies
- A social/mobile app that is purpose built for production, quality and maintenance teams
- Expert productivity coaching for your frontline teams

All attendees will receive a copy of Redzone’s fourth biennial 2021 Productivity Benchmark Report which details the before and after state of manufacturers who took the Redzone 90-Day Challenge.

2. See Redzone in action at our iPad bar and ask how the average Redzone customer:
- sees a DOUBLE DIGIT productivity improvement in 90 days
- has a more engaged workforce able to contribute their ideas
- removed paper from the shop floor making everyone’s life easier
- can trust their Quality & Food Safety is assured & integrated into the operator's role has a happier workforce likely to be retained & attracts others
- sees a continuous improvement mentality become systematic in their workforce

3. Compare yourselves against other manufacturers
We all want to know how our peers and competitors are doing and what results they’re achieving and how. So why not come and compare yourselves against other mid-sized food, beverage and CPG manufacturers, like yourselves, and see how they've improved their plant wide efficiency by an average of 22% and seen an average saving of $942,000 by using the Redzone Production system approach.

4. Meet the Redzone Community of customers
Many of our customers will be on our booth; so if you are interested in being introduced to other food, beverage and CPG customers in the Redzone Community please come along and let us know and we’ll make the introductions. You can find out what their productivity and QA challenges were and how they overcame them.