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Guest Speaker

  • Mike Bearden - VP of Operations, Reily Foods

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Online Webinar for Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers


March 3rd, 2021

The Value of Using the Right Tools to Effect Operational Excellence

Join Redzone and Mike Bearden, VP of Operations for Reily Foods as he shares his journey of bringing Redzone into a family owned company. Mike details the value of using the right tools to effect operational excellence; but spoiler alert: those may not be the tools you’d normally expect.

A solution like Redzone with its visibility and cultural transformations won the day during the global pandemic AND won them a Redzone Productivity Award for 2020!

Learn how Reily Foods leverages Redzone to:
• Turn data into information for better decision-making at all levels of the business
• Deliver dramatic savings through kaizen events, such as 50% shorter changeover times
• Engineer a new shop floor culture of high-performance by showing everyone ‘the score’
• Invest in people by opening up new career opportunities for key players on the frontlines