Bringing the Benefits of Digital Transformation to More Manufacturers

Terms like IoT, Industry 4.0, and smart factories imply bet-the-bank strategies and investments that can only be accomplished by global manufacturers. 

Yet, digital transformation can be done on a less grand scale, writes Ethan Karp in Industry Week. In Digital Transformation on a Small-Business Budget: It Can Be Done, Karp makes the point that transformation programs are iterative. Manufacturers of all sizes can start small, focus on their greatest pain points, and achieve gains they can build on over time.

We agree.

One of the best places to start is with the plants, workforce, and equipment firms already possess. By deploying the right digital solutions, manufacturers can drive operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and productivity gains and reap rapid ROI. By so doing, they can create stakeholder and frontline workforce will to achieve longer-term changes, unlock new value, and return cash to the business for other initiatives.

Manufacturers who deployed the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution drove OEE by an average of 14% and productivity by 29% in just 90 days. And they accomplished these gains regardless of their sector, process type, revenue, or starting position.

Learn how QAD Redzone can help your small or medium-sized manufacturer deliver more business value in just 90 days. Download the QAD Redzone 2023 Productivity Benchmark Report.

2023 Productivity Benchmark Report

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